Armada Bose Premium Sound System

How Bose engineers crafted the ideal sound for Armada’s cabin
Designed specifically for Armada, the Bose Premium Audio System has been optimized for the unique cabin acoustics of Armada’s interior. Bose applied their expertise in cabin analysis, listening evaluation, and custom-tuned equalization, so Armada will showcase your favorite sounds in the best possible way.

13 high-performance speakers for an
ear-pleasing experience you won’t forget

With 13 speakers strategically placed around the cabin, you’ll experience unbelievable sound clarity, meaning you’ll hear voices, instruments, beats, and melodies in an entirely new way. The overall sound is almost concert-like, depending on what you play. What’s making all this magic possible? A powerful Bose digital amplifier mounted in the cargo area with digital signal processing.[1]
Adding to the lifelike sound, a large dual-woofer enclosure in the rear provides a powerful bass boost without distortion. It’s something that you can not only hear but feel. Balanced perfectly with the highs and mid-range sounds from the other speakers, every note reverberates like it was being played live. Something you’ll appreciate, whether driving across the country or navigating the city.

AudioPilot™ noise cancellation technology

Ever notice how road noise can affect the quality of your music? Bose engineers noticed, and developed a technology designed to detect sustained ambient noise and adjust the sound volume so you can hear it better. It happens automatically so no matter how fast you’re traveling, there’s no need to adjust the volume.[1]
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