How Bose engineers crafted the ideal sound for Kicks’ cabin
Bose Personal® Plus Audio System
You love your favorite tunes. Thankfully Kicks loves them too, especially when equipped with the available Bose Personal® Plus
Audio System. Designed specifically for Kicks, the Bose Premium Audio System has been optimized for the unique cabin
acoustics of Kicks’ interior, and features the game-changing Bose UltraNearfield™ driver headrest speakers.
It starts with Bose UltraNearfield™ speakers built into the driver’s headrest – it’s like headphones for your drive. Feel like sharing? Dial up a soundstage that fills the whole car with a revolutionary audio experience.[1]
Forward Frontal Stage
Select a precise front-focused stage for incredible clarity and depth, optimized for the driver, thanks to two UltraNearfield™ speakers in the headrest.
Increased Envelopment
Adjust your desired level of immersion in the audio settings. Switch from a forward frontal stage to a wider, more enveloping experience.
Full Immersion
Take your journey to the next level with the fully immersive experience: deep, expansive, sound that wraps around you. All thanks to an innovative sound system that’s unheard of in a car of this size.
With 8 speakers strategically placed around the cabin, you’ll experience unbelievable sound clarity, meaning you’ll hear voices, instruments, beats, and melodies in an entirely new way. The overall sound is almost concert-like, depending on what you play. What’s making all this magic possible? A powerful Bose digital amplifier mounted in the cargo area with digital signal processing and eight channels of custom equalization.

Adding to the lifelike sound, a large dual-woofer enclosure in the rear provides a powerful bass boost without distortion. It’s something that you can not only hear but feel. Balanced perfectly with the highs and mid-range sounds from the other speakers, every note reverberates like it was being played live. Something you’ll appreciate, whether driving across the country or navigating the city.
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