2022 Nissan Pathfinder® Platinum 4WD shown in Two-tone Pearl White TriCoat / Super Black with accessory Black Rear Bumper Protector, Roof Rail Crossbars[1] and Splash Guards.
Pathfinder Intelligent 4x4
When the road ends, the adventure begins
Out here, everything has to perform in a big way. A muscular 284-horsepower V6 engine powers Pathfinder forward, while a new 9-speed automatic transmission helps make sure you’re always in the right gear. An advanced 4WD system features direct coupling for instant response without wheel slip. And with seven drive and terrain modes to choose from, you’re on top of the action, whether it’s conquering that hill climb, slogging through mud, or dominating rocky trails.[2, 3]
Drive and Terrain Mode Selector Welcome to the ultimate tool kit for off-roaders. With seven modes, you have nearly infinite ways to push your limits. Select Auto Mode for everyday driving. Need more performance? Select Sport Mode. And Eco Mode helps you maximize efficiency. And should the conditions or needs change, Snow, Sand, Mud/Rut, and Tow Modes help you dial the control you need.[3]
Snow Mode Pathfinder can adapt to a wide range of snowy, icy and even wet conditions with a number of counter measures, including using a higher gear ratio to make the throttle less sensitive for more predictable acceleration, increased steering weight for a higher feeling of control, and locking 4WD from a standstill for maximum traction. The end result is a driving experience that gives you the confidence you’ll need for the worst days of winter.[2, 3]
Sand Mode Climbing the dunes, or hitting the beach, Sand Mode will help see you through. This mode aggressively changes transmission upshift timing, increases rear torque for increased traction and modifies wheel slip response.[3]
Mud/Rut Mode Mud can be a gooey mess – good thing you won’t have to get out and push! Used for muddy, rutted, soft or uneven terrain. This mode increases engine torque at the rear wheels, adds a slight delay in transmission upshifts and modifies sensitivity and stability control to keep your wheels spinning and maintain momentum.[3]
Tow Mode Bring what you want with confidence. This mode enhances your towing experience with greater trailering capabilities through Trailer Sway Control, while improving traction on boat ramps or uneven roads by automatically engaging 4WD mode.[4]
Sport Mode Whether you need a quick weekend getaway, or just to get around that 18-wheeler, this mode adjusts throttle and transmission response to give you quicker acceleration.
Hill Descent Control Designed to reduce driver workload when going down steep hills, the available hill descent control system automatically adjusts your speed and brake pressure to help keep you going at a controlled speed, so you can concentrate on steering the vehicle.
Hill Start Assist When you’re on a steep incline, hill start assist helps stop you from rolling backwards. It holds brake pressure for a few seconds, giving you enough time to switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator.
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