Workdays are unpredictable but our warranty is concrete—America’s Best Commercial Van and Truck Warranty:

5 years/100,000 miles bumper-to-bumper.[[2631]]


A lot goes into making sure our vans are some of the toughest on the road. That’s why we have the confidence to back the entire NV lineup with America’s Best Commercial Van Limited Warranty. [[2631]]


5 Years | 100k Miles [[2631]]

Your business never stops moving forward. Neither should your vehicle.

Air bags and related control systems: Restraint

5 Years | 100k Miles [[2631]]

Whether you’re on the job or on your way to the job, safety should always come first.


5 Years | Unlimited [[2631]]

Rust never sleeps, so we don’t sleep on making sure your van stays rust-free.

Partnership that works for you

Nissan Business Certified® Dealers understand your needs as a business owner. Our expert technicians
will do whatever it takes to get you back on the road — and back on the job — as quickly as possible.

Next day priority service guarantee

When you’re off the road, you're off the job. That’s why you’re always next in line for service at any Nissan Business Certified Dealer.

Roadside assistance

Fast, reliable, and comes standard with all our vehicles. We’re ready to go anywhere — 24/7, 365 days a year. [[119]]

3 YEARS | 36K MILES [[3029]]

Tested to the limit

The confidence we have in our vans starts in the scorching Arizona desert, where we test their toughness to the extreme.

7,000 quality & durability tests | 800,000 miles of reliability road testing [[696]]

NV Cargo Van


Nissan Proving Grounds


View of Nissan Proving Grounds Through Windshield


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