Nissan Commercial Vehicle Lineup at Construction Site

Whether financing or leasing, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation has financing options as individual as your business.


Great option if you plan to:

  • Keep your vehicle for 5+ years
  • Build asset value and save after payoff
  • Use 15,000+ miles per year
  • Leverage your company's cash position, which favors purchasing over leasing

Signature Lease

Great option if you plan to:

  • Drive a new vehicle every 2 to 3 years
  • Lease and walk away at end of lease term[[675]]
  • Use 15,000 miles per year or less
  • Potentially deduct monthly payments[[676]] for tax purposes[[673]]

Trac Lease

Great option if you plan to:

  • Drive your vehicle for business 50%+ of time
  • Lease with option to buy at end of lease term
  • Use as many miles as you want
  • Potentially deduct monthly payments[[676]] for tax purposes[[673]]



NMAC can set up a customized line of credit (LOC) to help facilitate whichever option you choose.

White NV Passenger Van


With NMAC, business owners enjoy unparalleled access to funding alternatives. Our specialists recognize that a "one size fits all" policy for all customers does not work, which is why our programs include some of the most competitive and flexible financing and repayment terms available in the commercial segment today. Unlike banks that enter and exit markets often, we're here to stay. NMAC, including its Infiniti Financial Services (IFS) division, is the automotive financial services arm of Nissan North America.

NMAC's primary emphasis is to purchase from its Nissan and Infiniti dealers retail and lease contracts for their customers. NMAC also provides wholesale inventory and capital and mortgage loan financing to Nissan and Infiniti dealers. The company offers financing for the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles sold in the United States.