Top Five Signs Your Battery is Dying

Top Five Signs Your Battery is Dying

A dead battery is inconvenient at best; at worst, it can be downright dangerous. Keep an eye out for these symptoms of a dying battery so you can have it replaced with a Genuine Nissan Replacement Battery before it becomes a problem.
  • You need to jump start your vehicle
  • Clicking noises when you start your vehicle
  • Interior lights start to dim
  • Strange behavior from electronics (i.e., interior or dashboard lights)
  • Dashboard battery light stays on

Battery Replacement and Repairs on Your Schedule

We know your time is important, which is why Nissan Express Service offers you convenient battery replacement and repairs. No appointment necessary. Just show up, sit back and relax knowing you'll be charging down the road in no time.
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Complimentary Battery Test & Inspection*

Complimentary Battery Test & Inspection*

Trust our Nissan-trained technicians to take the guesswork out of battery life. Our sophisticated battery testers can identify weak batteries before they die. And should you need a new battery, we have the right one for your Nissan vehicle.


What Kind of Battery Do You Need?

The power experts at your local dealer can help you select a Genuine Nissan Replacement Battery backed by a limited warranty and designed to meet your vehicle's original specifications.
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Standard Flooded
The most common type of car battery.
  • Designed for high cranking
  • Fits most Nissan models
Enhanced Flooded Battery
An enhanced version of the standard car battery.
  • Supports auto start-stop engines
  • More powerful than standard Nissan batteries
  • Designed for high cranking and high cycling
Nissan AGM Battery
Absorbed glass-mat (AGM) design for advanced vehicles.
  • Supports auto start-stop engines
  • Longest lifespan, superior performance
  • Electrolyte absorbed into fiberglass mats
Lithium-Ion Battery
Energy-dense and lightweight, it's the ideal EV battery.
  • Replaces a gas-powered engine
  • Recharges in hours, lasts for years

*The Nissan lithium-ion battery and battery capacity limited warranty includes coverage for defects in materials or workmanship for 96 months/100,000 miles (whichever occurs first) as well as protection against capacity loss below 9 segments of capacity (out of 12) as shown on the vehicle’s capacity gauge for a period of 96 months/100,000 miles (whichever occurs first). For complete information concerning coverage, conditions, limitations, and exclusions, see your Nissan dealer and read your vehicle's Warranty Information Booklet.

Nissan Battery Warranty
When it's time to replace your battery, choose a Nissan Genuine Battery that's backed by an 84-month limited warranty and meets your vehicle's original specifications.
Nissan Battery Warranty
Battery Life is Determined by Two Factors
1 1

Absorbed Glass-Mats

Absorbed glass-mats hold all electrolyte tightly around the plates. Minimizing acid stratification and maximizing the power potential of active material.

2 2

More Power Inside

Thicker plates and paste density provide long-lasting power and improve cycling performance to meet today’s start-stop driving and growing electrical demands. AGM batteries add Amp Hour ratings as a measure of battery capacity.

3 3

Sealed and Spillproof

AGM batteries do not have free-flowing liquid. A tough reinforced case and unique cover design make AGM batteries spillproof. Valve-regulated gassing ensures plate balance for reliable performance.

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Knocks and Bumps Ignored

Vibrations can damage a standard flooded battery, but an AGM’s tight plate/separator compression protects against vibration. Absorbed glass-mats preserve the battery’s sensitive components for longer life under the hood.

Note: AGM batteries have different charging profiles than standard flooded batteries and often have different charger settings than traditional ones.

Battery Life is Determined by Two Factors
  • Charge Amount
  • Heat Damage

A typical car battery cannot handle being drained to 50%. It's made to send a lot of amps all at once and get fully recharged. However, if it stays drained, the active components on the lead plates will harden and die. So if you ever need to jump start a car, the battery may be damaged and needs to be replaced.


Still Have Questions?

Not to worry. Your highly trained Nissan service experts have answered some of the most common questions they hear throughout the day.

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What kind of preventative maintenance can I perform for my battery?
ANSWER: Typical modern batteries are maintenance free. Your Nissan dealer has the latest battery and electrical system testing equipment should you want to have the health of your battery checked.
What are the main causes of battery failure?
ANSWER: Batteries wear out over time, but there are also issues that impact battery failure. For example, infrequent startup and prolonged exposure to excessive heat or cold may potentially affect the lifespan of your battery.
Do I need to charge my battery after I jump-start my vehicle?
ANSWER: In most instances, normal driving will recharge the battery unless there is an issue with the vehicle. If your vehicle does not start after driving it, it’s recommended that you take your vehicle to your Nissan dealer to have a diagnosis performed.