• This safety defect can KILL or seriously injure you or your passengers
  • All safety recall repairs are free at authorized Nissan dealerships
  • Replacement parts are available for all affected Nissan vehicles
  • Free alternate transportation may be available if necessary to minimize wait time and inconvenience
  • Call 1-888-546-1048 now to schedule your free repair.


Enhanced VIN Identification

  • Nissan is working to identify vehicles that have been scrapped or are otherwise no longer in use.
  • By enhancing vehicle status information, Nissan is focusing outreach efforts on customers still on the road to better prepare parts supply and allocation.

Enhanced Vehicle Owner Identification

  • Nissan is working to understand and obtain owner profiling and demographic data available to conduct segmentation analyses. These analyses will be used to tailor outreach efforts to specific groups.
  • Nissan is also reviewing customer data to identify highest volume fleet, business and government entities.

Enhanced Outreach Strategies Identification

  • Nissan is partnering with a market research company to identify key obstacles preventing customers from having the Takata recall remedy completed, and to uncover tactics that can increase recall remedy completions.
  • This initiative will include qualitative focus groups in two critical markets areas, Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia, followed by dealership interviews and a nationwide quantitative survey to validate the findings. The results will be used to enhance Nissan’s current outreach strategy.

Dealerization Activities

  • Nissan launched its Takata dealerization activity to all 1,088 dealers beginning July 9, 2018. “Active” unremedied Takata VINs were distributed with customer data for direct outreach by dealers via phone, email or letter mailing.

Nissan Internal Call Center

  • In late June 2018, Nissan expanded its internal call center in Hamilton, Ontario, dedicating 15 full‐time agents to the Takata recall.
  • The call center operates 6 days per week and accepts calls until 11pm Eastern on weekdays to accommodate the west coast time zone.

Unique Customer Mailer

  • In May 2018, Nissan sent a UPS notification package to 3,887 “active” unremedied VINs in two metropolitan areas: Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.

Independent Repair Facilities (IRFs)

  • Beginning May 2018, Nissan launched a six‐month Aftermarket Monitoring and Alert program. The program alerts vehicle owners and IRFs of the open Takata recall when a VIN is detected upon arrival at one of the approximately 20,000 IRFs within our vendor’s network.
  • The current program scope includes 442,316 active unremedied VINs.

State Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Engagement

  • Nissan supports a collaborative strategy of jointly approaching DMVs with other affected OEMs to achieve the most cooperation from state DMVs nationally. Recent progress includes commitments from Louisiana, Florida, New York and Michigan to participate in a letter mailing coordinated with multiple OEMs.

Motor Vehicle Insurer Engagement

  • Nissan partnered with a national insurance company to conduct a letter mailing campaign to the insurance company’s customers affected by the Takata airbag recall.
  • Approximately 11,355 letters were mailed to customers with open Takata airbag recalls in July 2018.

Canvassing Pilot

  • Nissan is participating in a joint canvassing pilot in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area to locate affected vehicle owners and assist with repair coordination and completion. Based on the most recent customer data, approximately 335 vehicles have been identified in the target area, zip code 33311.
  • Canvassing began on July 23, 2018.

Community Awareness and Advocacy

  • Nissan recognizes the necessity to identify particular cultural segments and develop strategies for effective outreach. Nissan is currently working to conduct market/demographic analyses to finalize a strategy specific to Latino and Hispanic communities affected by the Takata recall. Initial work will be focused in a pilot market to determine the most effective community partnerships, media platforms and messaging, with potential expansion to other key markets. The pilot activity is expected to begin in August 2018.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

  • In 2017, Nissan highlighted the Takata recall at its annual Nissan Quality Event for over 4,200 employees at multiple locations:
    - North American Headquarters, Franklin, TN / Oct 26-27, 2017
    - Assembly Plant, Smyrna, TN / Dec 6, 2017
    - Nissan Technical Center North America, Farmington Hills, MI / Jan 24, 2018
    The booth included laptops where employees could enter their VIN real-time on the AIRBAGRECALL.COM website to see if their vehicle was affected. Key chains and cups with the website link were also handed out to increase Takata recall awareness. 
  • In December 2017, Nissan also highlighted the Takata recall at a local Isaac Middle School in Nashville, TN for Career Day. Attendees at the event were encouraged to spread the message to family and friends. We were able to reach over 500 middle school students for this event.
  • Nissan will again include Takata awareness at Nissan Quality Events in 2018.

Prevention of Sales over the Internet

  • Nissan is targeting online platforms selling vehicles subject to the Takata recalls to notify sellers of the urgent recalls, safety risk and actions to take. The web scrape and crawl activity launched at the end of June 2018 and is expected to run fifteen (15) months. Upon identification of affected listings, the business or individual will be notified via email and requested to immediately contact the Nissan Call Center to schedule a repair appointment. If the vehicle has already been sold, Nissan requests the seller contact the Nissan Call Center to provide new owner contact information.