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  • This safety defect can KILL or seriously injure you or your passengers
  • All safety recall repairs are free at authorized Nissan dealerships
  • Replacement parts are available for all affected Nissan vehicles
  • A FREE loaner car, towing service or mobile repair in select locations may be available to assist with any inconvenience this repair may cause
  • Call 1-888-546-1048 now to schedule your free repair


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Enhanced Vehicle Status Identification

  • Nissan is pursuing efforts to clarify the status of open VINs categorized within its Commercial/Fleet Segmentation.  Nissan is seeking ways to correctly designate these vehicles as either actively in a fleet or categorize them as Scrapped, Stolen, and Exported.
  • Nissan is also studying how to utilize multiple data sources and business rules to more accurately account for vehicles believed to be out of commerce.
  • Nissan is working to identify vehicles that have been scrapped or are otherwise no longer in use.
  • By enhancing vehicle status information, Nissan is focusing outreach efforts on vehicles still on the road to better prepare parts supply and allocation.

Enhanced Vehicle Owner Identification

  • Nissan uses a variety of owner characteristic and demographic data to direct specific outreach methods, messaging frequency.
  • Nissan is refreshing customer data on a monthly basis in an effort to identify and contact the most recent vehicle owner.
  • Nissan is currently exploring several pilot programs focused on obtaining improved customer contact information for challenging cases.

Enhanced Outreach Strategies Identification

  • In September 2018, Nissan concluded a market research study to identify key obstacles preventing customers from having the Takata recall remedy completed, and to identify approaches that can increase recall remedy completions.
  • Additional third-party market research studies provide Nissan further insight and recommendations for implementation into its current outreach strategy and future activity considerations.

Dealerization Activities

  • In December 2018, Nissan provided Takata information alert pocket cards to employees of all Nissan dealers for distribution to customers.
  • Nissan provides dealers with the data and tools enabling them to conduct targeted outreach to vehicle owners within their customer base.
  • Nissan provides bi-monthly “missed opportunity” reports to dealers informing them of vehicles with an open Takata recall that visited a dealer and did not have the repair within the last 90 days.  Dealers use this report for follow-up outreach on vehicles known to be on the road.
  • Nissan continues to host webinar sessions with regional personnel to promote awareness to the full Takata Outreach Plan, deploy new initiatives and to share best practices.
  • Nissan is currently exploring the feasibility of mobile repair as an option to expand dealer outreach opportunities and reduce owner inconvenience.

Nissan Internal Call Center

  • In late June 2018, Nissan expanded its internal call center in Hamilton, Ontario, dedicating full-time agents to the Takata recall.  The agents are primarily responsible for outbound calls to individual owners, inbound calls resulting from select outreach communications, and coordination of towing and rental.
  • The call center operates 6 days per week and accepts calls until 11pm Eastern on weekdays to accommodate the west coast time zone.
  • In September 2019, the Nissan internal call center launched an enhanced workflow to prioritize outreach for affected vehicles with new owner contact data, including an automated email notification and a multi-call attempt strategy.

Unique Customer Mailer

  • In May 2018, Nissan sent a UPS notification package to 3,887 “active” unremedied VINs in two metropolitan areas: Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Nissan is conducting a certified letter mail campaign for higher risk vehicles to urge vehicles owner to schedule an appointment for the free repair and to validate customer contact information and vehicle status.
  • Since  October 2018, Nissan is using the Nissan One to One Rewards (NOTOR) customer loyalty program e-newsletter as a means to inform affected vehicle owners of the open Takata recall and need to schedule the free repair.

Independent Repair Facilities (IRFs)

  • Beginning in May 2018, Nissan launched a six-month Aftermarket Monitoring and Alert program. The program alerted vehicle owners and IRFs of the open Takata recall when a VIN was detected upon arrival at one of the approximately 20,000 IRFs within our vendor’s network. This program scope included 442,316 active unremedied VINs.
  • Nissan is launching a similar Active Recall Notification Service with wider IRF network coverage.  This service will allow vehicle owners to be notified of an open recall when they visit one of the  30,000+ repair shops.

State Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Engagement

  • Nissan supports a collaborative strategy of jointly approaching DMVs with other affected OEMs to achieve the most cooperation from state DMVs nationally.  During CY2019, Nissan led efforts with the states of Tennessee and Virginia to obtain approval for affected OEMs to conduct DMV mailings using OEM customer data.
  • Recent successful DMV mailings as of mid-October 2019 include: 
    • Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin
  • An additional 8-10 states are expected to approve DMV mailings in the coming months, with deployment by March 2020.
  • In addition to state DMV mailings, Nissan has recently participated in two special district mailings coordinated by the Monitor, located in the Compton California Water District jurisdiction and the Houston Department of Neighborhoods jurisdiction in Texas.

Motor Vehicle Insurer Engagement

  • Since July 2018, Nissan has partnered with three national insurance companies to conduct letter mailing campaigns to their customers affected by the Takata airbag recall. In total, approximately 21,442 letters have been mailed, resulting in nearly 4,000 Takata repairs within 10 weeks of the mailings.
  • Nissan is seeking additional insurance company partnerships to engage in similar letter mailing campaigns or other customer outreach initiatives.


  • Nissan participated in a joint canvassing pilot in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area to locate affected vehicle owners and assist with repair coordination and completion. Nearly 800 vehicles were targeted within the canvas area.

Behavioral Segmentation

  • Nissan is implementing segmentation strategies tailoring outreach efforts to individual preferences through messaging, creative content, communication channel, and cadence of communication.

Community Awareness and Advocacy

  • In December 2018, Nissan distributed information alert pocket cards to every Nissan dealer for distribution to employees and customers, with instructions how to re-order additional cards.
  • Since March 2019, Nissan has partnered with the National Safety Council (“NSC”) regarding the Check To Protect vehicle recall awareness campaign, an effort to raise safety recall awareness and increase recall remedy completions. As a “primary partner” level sponsor, Nissan is working directly with the NSC and other coalition members to identify and execute targeted events to help address recall awareness needs, with emphasis on the (Takata) airbag related efforts.
  • In April 2019, Nissan launched a video public safety announcement about the Takata recall featuring former Tennessee Titan, Eddie George, and company leaders sharing how employees, owners and the community can help create awareness and possibly save someone’s life.  The 3-minute video creates a call to action in a “pay it forward” fashion, promoting use of the airbag recall app.  The video is posted on the Nissan Takata Airbag Inflator Resource Center website.
  • Nissan continues to be actively involved at the Junior Achievement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Summits held annually at local middle and high schools near Nashville, TN.  Students are provided an overview of Takata Airbag Recalls, and receive Nissan information cards as well as Nissan/INFINITI footballs with the logo.  Students are encouraged to spread the message to family and friends.  The messaging and call to action are also shared with administrative and educator staff in attendance.
  • Nissan continues to host “Bloggin’ Mamas Safety Academy” events targeting Hispanic bloggers, covering various vehicle safety topics including VIN checks for open recalls.  These events allow Nissan to raise awareness of the Takata recall within a targeted population segment and educate the public on how to search a VIN using
  • In early August 2019, launched a national mass media campaign featuring Morgan Freeman as its spokesperson. To date, the campaign has included television (national broadcast news, cable, and Hispanic networks) as well as radio advertisements. The messaging asks viewers and listeners to visit to see if he or she owns an affected vehicle and, if so, to schedule a repair appointment.  Nissan is supplementing the campaign with social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

  • Annually, Nissan highlights the Takata recall at its Quality Events, attended by thousands of employees at multiple North America locations.  The 2019 Takata recall awareness booth features the Morgan Freeman video, Check to Protect promotional materials and information alert pocket cards with tear-off notification cards to leave with affected vehicle owners.   Nissan launched an employee awards program at the October 2019 NNA headquarters event in Franklin, TN.  Employees will earn free Chick-Fil-A food items by downloading the app, notifying affected vehicle owners and successfully completing the Takata recall.
Nissan Takata Recall Booth
  • Additionally, Nissan utilizes its corporate and manufacturing newsletters and corporate TV channel to periodically remind employees to encourage family and friends to check their vehicle status and schedule the free repair immediately if affected.

Removal of Inflators from Used Vehicle and End of Life Markets

  • Since July 2018, Nissan is targeting online platforms selling vehicles subject to the Takata recalls to notify sellers of the open Takata recall, the safety risk and actions to take.  Upon identification of an affected listing, the seller is notified via email and phone and requested to immediately schedule a repair appointment.  If the vehicle has already been sold, the seller is requested to provide new owner contact information.
  • In October 2018, Nissan implemented a salvage yard collection initiative to collect and dispose of recalled airbag modules. Nissan continues to see successful results from this program.
  • Nissan is expanding its salvage yard program to collect photo-evidence of deployed and missing airbags.  Nissan anticipates using the results of this program to support vehicle accounting for completion reporting purposes.

Removing barriers to Customer Inconvenience

  • A free loaner vehicle, towing service or other alternate transportation may be available. Mobile repair may also be available in select areas. Please inquire if needed when you call to schedule your repair.
  • In October 2019, Nissan launched a mobile application (MyNissan) for Apple users that notifies Nissan owners of open recall and service campaigns.  The app will display the number of open campaigns and content details found on the VIN Look-up.  Nissan owners will be able to schedule a repair appointment through the app. The MyNissan app is targeted to launch for Android users November 2019.
My Nissan App
My Nissan App
  • Nissan is launching a dealer mobile repair pilot program in three markets.  Nissan provided participating dealers with a mobile-service vehicle, a comprehensive mobile service guidebook, and specialty tools and equipment to support repairs for more than sixty (60) mobile-friendly campaigns, including Takata recalls.
  • Nissan will utilize feedback from the pilot program to refine the process and update the guidebook.  Nissan intends to evaluate the pilot, and if successful, launch to the Nissan dealer network on a broader scale in 2020.