Maxima’s available Memory System remembers your driver’s seat, steering wheel position, and outside mirror settings.

    Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, available climate-controlled front seats mean year-round comfort.

    Those riding in back enjoy true upscale treatment with available rear heated seats and power rear sunshade.

Maxima interior features and technology

Custom-tailored comfort

Enjoy this work of art that also happens to be state of the art. In Maxima, classic luxury touches and advanced technology features help to create a truly unique environment that can be personalized just for you.

2023 Nissan Maxima bolstered zero gravity driver's seat.

Zero Gravity Seats with 3D bolsters

Maxima’s sport-styled front seats are deeply bolstered to help keep you in place during cornering. Plus, inspired by zero-gravity space travel, their natural, neutral seating position can help reduce fatigue. [[1144]]

2023 Nissan Maxima key fob with Remote Engine Start System with Climate Control.

Remote Engine Start System with Intelligent Climate Control

Imagine having it feel “just right” the second you get in. The 2023 Nissan Maxima features a standard Intelligent Climate Control system that can respond to the weather outside, to heat or cool your cabin as you like.  [[97]]

2023 Nissan Maxima dual zone automatic temperature control panel.

Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control

You like it one way. Your front passenger likes it another way. With Dual Zone, you can both be happy. And with standard rear vents, everyone on board stays comfortable.

2023 Nissan Maxima heated D-shaped steering wheel.

Heated Steering Wheel

Never grab an icy-cold steering wheel again. Maxima’s available heated steering wheel takes the chill off those cold mornings and puts soothing heat in your hands.

2023 Nissan Maxima temperature dials for climate-controlled front seats.

Climate-controlled front seats

Available climate-controlled front seats offer individual heating and cooling for driver and passenger, making comfort as easy as turning a knob.

2023 Nissan Maxima advanced drive-assist display rear door alert.

Rear Door Alert

Forgetting something?

If you tend to forget things you placed in the back seat, the innovative Rear Door Alert system can give you a visual and audible alert that can remind you to check your rear seats before and after leaving your Maxima. [[1240]]

2023 Nissan Maxima showing spacious trunk area

Trunk space dimensions

Deceptively spacious

Pack your bags into 14.3 cubic feet of space inside Maxima’s trunk, or fold the rear seats down to create even more space and load up larger items. [[22]]