Six standard safety features that help you see more, sense more, and can give you an assist when you need it. [[1115]] [[3052]]

    Helping you enjoy a happier, more stress-free commute, available Intelligent Cruise Control can maintain an adjustable speed and set distance between you and the car ahead. [[71]]

    Park with confidence with the available Intelligent Around View Monitor, providing you with a virtual composite 360° bird's eye view of your Maxima.
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Maxima Safety Shield 360

Monitor, Respond, Protect

You’re only human – it’s nice to have a little backup when something unexpected happens. Maxima provides a suite of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features that can step in and take action to help keep you out of trouble. [[1115]]

Maxima safety features

Looking out for you

The Maxima comes with Nissan's Advanced Air Bag System featuring front air bags with seat belt and occupant-classification sensors. [[14]] But that's just the start of what the Sentra offers to help keep the driver and passengers safe.

2020 Nissan Maxima Zone Body Construction

Zone body[[0]]

This advanced body construction combines impact-absorbing structures with a high-strength cabin, which helps provide protection for you and your passengers.

Intelligent Around View Monitor

Keep your pride and rims intact. Intelligent Around View Monitor makes parking easy with a virtual composite 360° bird's-eye view of your Maxima. [[1117]] You can select from split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside views for a better look. It also gives you an on-screen heads-up when it detects moving objects near your vehicle. We're looking at you, shopping cart.

Additional available driver assist features

Courteous, aware, alert - a better drive for everybody

From reading the posted speed limit to even letting you know when you could use a break from driving, Maxima looks out for you and your fellow drivers. And to ensure you get your daily dose of performance-derived endorphins, Maxima features the advanced technology of the exclusive Integrated Dynamics-control Module featuring Intelligent Trace Control, Intelligent Engine Brake, and Active Ride Control. [[1121]]

Nissan Maxima Intelligent Cruise Control

Intelligent Cruise Control

Go with the flow. Available Intelligent Cruise Control watches the flow of traffic to take the tedium out of your commute. [[71]] The system helps maintain an adjustable speed and set distance between you and the car ahead.

Nissan Maxima Lane Departure Warning

Intelligent Lane Intervention

Stay between the lines. When lane markings are clear, Intelligent Lane Intervention can detect if you’re straying out of your lane and can tap the brakes to help gently guide you back. [[1125]]