• 39 HWY / 29 CITY MPG[[1365]]

    More standard power, same amazing Sentra fuel efficiency. [[1365]]

    Over 20% more standard power, for effortless passing and merging.

    With a sport sedan suspension and advanced steering system, every corner is a revelation in Sentra.

The all-new 2020 Sentra uses advanced tech to give you more standard power, better handling, and more confidence – and still maintain excellent fuel economy. [[1365]]

Sentra engine & transmission

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Red Nissan Sentra

Efficient engine power

Sentra has always been efficient, and now, it’s a tech powerhouse. With a larger 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine, it delivers 20% more power and 15% more torque – without using extra fuel. To make the new engine as smooth as it is powerful, Sentra also features a balancer shaft that cancels out unwanted engine vibrations. All you feel is power.

2020 Nissan Sentra In White

Sharp handling, smooth ride

Sentra finds the coveted balance between compliance and responsiveness with its new independent rear multi-link suspension, filtering out harsh, jarring impacts without filtering out the joy of driving.

2020 Red Nissan Sentra SV

Sentra MPG & efficiency

Spend less time at the fuel pump with the 2020 Sentra. With 39 highway MPG, you can concentrate more on your daily tasks without worrying about fueling up.[[1365]]

Nissan Sentra Grille

Active Grille Shutters

By controlling airflow for different speeds traveled, Sentra can get optimal fuel economy at all times.

Nissan Sentra Eco Mode

Sentra Eco Mode

A first for Nissan, the all-new Sentra has a new driver-customizable Eco Mode setting. Available through the Advanced Drive-Assist® Display this setting allows for enhanced comfort and excellent efficiency during every journey.

2020 Red Nissan Sentra

Lower, wider stance

Sculpted to give the driver a sports-car feel, the lower, wider Sentra has perfect proportions. Experience an added joy as you feel your way through the corners, at a shortened distance from the tarmac beneath you.

2020 Nissan Sentra Steering Wheel

Quick steering

The D-shaped steering wheel is just part of the story. There’s a new dual-pinion electric power steering system that’s communicative, responsive, and empowering to drivers, turn after turn.

2020 Sentra digital brochure

Available on desktop, smartphone or tablet, the digital brochure provides the full product story
– including demos, videos, and complete info on trims, colors, and accessories. Or you can
download a quick guide for trims, specs, and colors.

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