V6 or V8, NV Cargo has options that get your business moving.

    With a maximum towing capacity of up to 9,400 lbs the NV Cargo ensures that you can bring the big tools. [[114]]

    Choose between a V6 engine with a 5-speed transmission or a V8 engine with a 7-speed transmission, to direct your power.

NV Cargo engine

Power your business

With your choice between two engines and two transmissions, NV Cargo lets you choose the option that's best for your line of work.

2021 Nissan NV Cargo Endurance V8 engine against black background

Endurance V8 engine

Step up to the 5.6-L V8 and you’ll find an aluminum block with a forged crankshaft and cast-iron cylinder liners for maximum strength – It’s built for the long haul and just about anything you need to bring along. [[23]][[145]]

2021 Nissan NV Cargo V6 engine against black background

V6 engine

NV Cargo’s 24-valve, 4.0-L V6 features an advanced Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System delivers seamless power and optimum fuel efficiency. [[23]][[145]]

2021 Nissan NV Cargo showing transmission gear shifter

NV Cargo transmission

Heavy-duty power delivery on every drive

Making the most of the powerful V8 is a 7-speed automatic transmission designed to enhance performance and improve fuel efficiency. Or get  higher MPG with the V6 engine and the 5-speed automatic transmission.

NV Cargo towing and payload capacity [[114]][[145]]

Hook up a trailer or load up for the next job [[114]]

Standard Roof

Max towing capacity up to 9,400 lbs [[114]]

Max payload capacity up to 3,720 lbs [[145]]


2021 Nissan NV Cargo standard roof showing towing and payload capacity

High Roof

Max towing capacity up to 9,400 lbs [[114]]

Max payload capacity up to 3,550 lbs [[145]]


2021 Nissan NV Cargo high roof showing towing and payload capacity

NV Cargo towing features

Haul your gear with confidence [[114]]

2021 Nissan NV Cargo towing equipment on the highway

NV3500® HD SL Cargo High Roof with Endurance® V8 engine shown in Brilliant Silver and equipped with third-party accessories. [[114]] [[1216]]

Tow-haul mode

Tow haul mode adjusts transmission shifts when pulling a trailer or hauling a load. [[114]] Great help when going uphill or downhill.

Heavy-duty radiator

When you’re hauling a lot, you need to have the right tools. [[145]] NV Cargo’s heavy-duty radiator keeps you moving confidently, even when you’re towing extra gear. [[114]]

Heavy-duty battery and alternator

NV Cargo has you covered with a heavy-duty battery and high output alternator designed to keep you on the move.

Tow mirrors

Manually extendable outside chrome tow mirrors give you a better view on the road, especially when towing.

2021 Nissan NV Cargo class 4 tow hitch receiver

NV Cargo Towing

Class IV tow hitch receiver

Tow in confidence with Nissan's custom frame-mounted design. The Class IV tow hitch receiver is rated for towing up to 9,400 lbs. maximum and comes standard on NV2500® HD SV Cargo Standard Roof V8 trim and up; and is an available Genuine Nissan Accessory on lower trims. [[114]]

NV Cargo towing accessories

Designed and engineered exclusively for NV Cargo

Genuine Nissan Accessories help turn your NV Cargo into a powerful hauler with a range of towing accessories.

NV Cargo frame

Full-length, fully boxed ladder frame

Unlike cargo vans that use 3-sided “C” rails, NV Cargo is built on a full-length, fully boxed frame. It just made more sense to us.

2021 Nissan NV Cargo fully boxed ladder frame seen from above
2021 Nissan NV Cargo 14 inch disc brake

14-inch disc brakes

Whether it’s with your teammate on board, a load of gear, or a combination of the above, NV Cargo is ready with 14.2” front, 14.4” rear, four-wheel vented disc brakes – the largest in its class. [[23]]

2021 Nissan NV Cargo view of heavy duty suspension system

Heavy-duty, comfortable suspension

Based on the heavy-duty components of NV Cargo, Nissan engineers specially tuned the suspension of NV Cargo for rider comfort. The result? A smooth ride for everyone on board.