More than just a van, NV200 Compact Cargo makes it easy to conduct business.

    Link your compatible smartphone with a variety of tech, including Apple CarPlay®. [[1189]][[47]]

    Charge up and connect your tech with a conveniently located USB port. [[49]]

NV200 Compact Cargo interior

A mobile office that’s always on the job

When it’s time to get down to business, the NV200 Compact Cargo converts easily into your mobile office. The fold-down passenger seat creates a work desk, while smart storage and power outlets are all within easy reach. [[23]][[188]][[49]]

2021 NV200 Compact Cargo as mobile office with laptop plugged in and resting on center console
2021 NV200 Compact Cargo underseat storage

Under-seat storage

Bring the items you need on every drive, there’s plenty of room. The passenger-side under-seat drawer keeps important items, from tools to tablets, nearby when you need them – and out of sight when you don’t. [[23]][[188]]

2021 NV200 Compact Cargo with passenger seat folded down to create work desk

Fold-down passenger seat

Need a spot to fill out your paperwork? The fold-down passenger seat creates a work desk in one easy step. [[23]][[188]]

2021 NV200 Compact Cargo water resistant seats

Wear-resistant seat bolsters

When you’re doing business, you’ll be spending plenty of time sliding in and out of your front seat - that’s why NV200 Compact Cargo features wear-resistant seat bolsters designed to hold up to the regular use associated with a bustling business. 

2021 NV200 Compact Cargo 12-volt outlet

Power outlets

Keep your tech charged up. Plug in your laptop, tablet or other electronics using either one of the two 12-volt DC power outlets. [[49]]

NV200 Compact Cargo smartphone integration [[48]]

Stay in the know with NissanConnect®

NissanConnect® keeps you on top of things with a suite of available high-tech features easily accessed through a touch-screen display and voice recognition. It’s an indispensable tool that helps keep you, and your small cargo van, connected to your customers. [[1189]]

2021 NV200 Compact Cargo touch-screen with nissanconnect
2021 NV200 Compact Cargo touch-screen with apple carplay apps shown

Apple CarPlay® integration

People to see? Places to be? Just ask Siri®. Equipped with Siri® voice control, Apple CarPlay® brings your contacts, favorite messaging apps, Apple Music® playlists, Apple Maps, and more on board your NV200 Compact Cargo. Simply plug in your compatible iPhone® and go. [[1189]][[115]]

2021 NV200 Compact Cargo touch-screen with streaming bluetooth shown

Streaming Audio via Bluetooth®

Connect your compatible smartphone and stream your favorite music, calls, and more. You’ll even get track or call info directly on the touch-screen display. [[1189]][[115]]

2021 NV200 Compact Cargo touch-screen with android auto apps shown

Android Auto™

With Android Auto™, you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while using your voice to help you with your day. Ask Google to play your favorite song, navigate home, or respond to a text hands-free. Just say, “Hey Google” or long-press the voice control button on your steering wheel. [[1189]][[250]]