Lane Departure Warning helps make sure you change lanes only when you mean to. If the system detects that you're drifting over, it'll warn you. [[72]]

    Keep an eye on your surroundings with Kicks' Intelligent Around View® Monitor. Select from front, rear, curbside and a virtual composite, 360º bird's-eye view to help ensure you're good to go. [[3081]]

    Kick's Advanced Drive-Assist® Display keeps drivers' eyes where they need to be - on the road. Safety features, directions, fuel economy and more useful information can be displayed in clear view. [[11]][[12]]

Nissan Safety Shield® 360

Taking safety seriously

Part of Nissan's Intelligent Mobility™philosophy, Safety Shield 360 features monitor  ahead of, behind and either side of your Kicks, and can step in to help keep you safe. [[2962]]

Kicks Driver Assist Technologies

Kicks Drive Assist

You’re only human – it’s nice to have a little backup when something unexpected happens. Kicks offers a suite of available Nissan Intelligent Mobility features that can step in and take action to help keep you out of trouble. [[2275]]

2020 Nissan Kicks Advanced Drive-Assist Display

Advanced Drive-Assist® Display

Safety features, directions, fuel economy, and more – you’ll enjoy a wide variety of screens on the  available full-color 7" Advanced Drive-Assist Display. [[11]] [[12]]

2020 Nissan Kicks Intelligent Around View Monitor

Intelligent Around View Monitor®

The available Intelligent Around View Monitor simplifies parking  with a virtual composite 360° bird's-eye view of your Kicks. Select from split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside views.[[3081]]

2020 Nissan Kicks Intelligent Driver Alertness

Intelligent Driver Alertness

Time for a break? Intelligent Driver Alertness monitors your steering patterns and if the system detects you might be getting drowsy and need a break, it alerts you with a chime. [[1126]]

Advanced safety technologies

Nissan takes a comprehensive approach to safety that guides the engineering and development of every car we make. It helps keep an eye on your vehicle’s systems, assists you in handling unexpected situations  and helps to protect you in the unfortunate event of an accident.