With up to 28 highway mpg, Murano is an efficiency machine, ready to take you from one adventure to the next. [[1588]]

    Murano’s 3.5-liter V6 engine and Xtronic CVT® (Continuously Variable Transmission) deliver impressive SUV passing power.

    Available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive transfers power between front and rear wheels for enhanced cornering control. [[1323]]
2023 Nissan Murano Seen from front on highway to illustrate Xtronic CVT.

Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)

Your thrill ride, only more efficient

Combine Murano's versatile 3.5-liter V6 engine with the latest generation Xtronic CVT and Murano easily keeps pace. Reduced internal friction and 14% wider gear ratios help Murano get the most out of every gallon of gas. [[1588]]

Murano handling and suspension

Bring out your spirited side

Murano’s 4-wheel independent suspension offers responsive handling and a comfortable ride. Rebound springs and rigid stabilizer bars are happy carving corners or soaking up bumps. And vehicle-speed–sensitive power steering is light at low speeds and firms up when you’re cruising.

2023 Nissan Murano driving swiftly on highway to illustrate suspension and handling.

Murano Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

Zip, sip, and grip

Murano’s available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive adapts to changing conditions instantly, helping you get the grip you need for the situation. Yes, even detouring for a little off-road driving. [[1323]] The system can automatically switch from 2-wheel to 4-wheel and back, for optimal fuel efficiency and confidence-inspiring cornering. [[1588]]

2023 Nissan Murano all-wheel-drive driving up a hill on a snowy road.
2023 Nissan Murano illustration showing car on a hill using hill start assist.

Murano Hill Start Assist

Conquer the hills

When you’re on a steep hill, there’s always that car behind you that’s too close for comfort. Thankfully, hill start assist helps stop you from rolling backwards. It holds brake pressure for a few seconds, giving you enough time to switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator.

2023 Nissan Murano close up of tow hitch illustrating towing capacity.

Murano towing capacity

Haul more fun

Murano is an SUV that’s capable of bringing along the fun, with up to 1,500 lbs. of maximum towing capacity to fuel your weekend adventures, from boating to hauling your camper. [[114]]