Available wireless charging and wireless Apple CarPlay® signal a new future. Keep your devices powered and connected. [[1189]][[115]]

    Together with an 8" intuitive touch-screen, an available Head-up Display and 12" digital dashboard, you can stay in the know.

    Seamlessly connect to your compatible smartphone while a “floating” touch-screen gives you access to your favorite apps. [[48]]

Rogue high-tech displays

Create your own digital world

What do you want to know? With three available digital displays, you can customize information so you see what’s most important to you — clearly and easily.

Nissan Rogue interior dashboard

Rogue navigation systems

How do you navigate? The choices are wide open

A few eons ago, you would have looked to the stars. Today, you can bring your own navigation via your compatible smartphone or use the available Nissan Door to Door Navigation. Any one will show you the way. [[48]][[77]]

Rogue smartphone integration

Recharge your life — wirelessly

You’re always on the move, sometimes changing direction and doing something completely different on a whim. Keep going without the clutter or frustration of cords. Wirelessly recharge your smartphone and keep the connection going.  [[48]]

2021 Nissan Rogue showing smartphone on wireless charging pad

Wireless charging

Power your phone on the go. Place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the available wireless charging pad located in front of the shifter and the new Rogue does the rest. Your old  cord is now officially obsolete. [[1189]][[250]][[48]]

2021 Nissan Rogue showing apple carplay on touch-screen display

Available wireless Apple CarPlay®

People to see? Places to be? Just ask Siri®. Equipped with Siri® voice control, Apple CarPlay® brings your contacts, favorite messaging apps, Apple Music® playlists, Apple Maps, and more on board to your Rogue. No need to plug-in. Your world is now freed from wires.[[1189]][[115]][[47]]

2021 Nissan Rogue showing android auto on touch-screen display

Android Auto™

Talk to Google on Android Auto and get things done with your voice so you can keep your focus on driving. Easily send messages, get directions, control media and more. Just say, “Hey Google” or long-press the voice control button on your steering wheel. Click to play mobile moments with Android Auto.[[1189]][[250]]

NissanConnect® Services

Streamline life with a word

Maintain a close relationship with your new Rogue through voice. Using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can access NissanConnect Services for a variety of tasks. [[1189]][[115]][[250]]

Nissanconnect assistants
2021 Nissan Rogue showing nissanconnect app on smartphone

Remote access

Even apart, you’re always connected

Stay in contact. Use the NissanConnect Services app on your compatible smartphone to locate and start your vehicle, ­flash your lights, or sound the horn to find it faster – all from virtually anywhere. [[1189]][[48]]