Only Genuine Nissan Accessories deliver the fit, reliability, and performance of your ARIYA’s original parts.

    Genuine Nissan Accessories are backed by Nissan’s 3-year/ 36,000-mile (whichever occurs first) limited warranty if installed by by dealer at time of new vehicle purchase. [[5]]

    Genuine Nissan Accessories and Affiliated Accessories can be financed when installed by your dealer at the time of new vehicle purchase.

ARIYA featured accessories

Make it your own

Express yourself with custom accessories that not only enhance the look of your ARIYA, but make every day life easier. 

ARIYA exterior accessories

Standout at a standstill

ARIYA may already stand out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own unique twist on it to make it even more appealing. From style to function, these exterior accessories will take every drive to the next level. 

ARIYA Exterior Accessories

ARIYA interior accessories

Make every moment inside unforgettable

When you’re driving a vehicle this unique, everything about your experience should be elevated. That’s why we’ve designed interior accessories that let you put your own spin on style while making every outing more enjoyable. 

ARIYA interior Accessories

ARIYA affiliated Yakima® Accessories

Take your toys with you

There’s always time to play. So grab your toys and go with the affiliated Yakima® accessories that are right for you and the adventure ahead. [[1305]]

ARIYA affiliated Yakima® Accessories