2019 Nissan LEAF connected technology

Connectivity - evolved

Nissan LEAF App
  • Log On. Take off.
    Staying connected means going, without leaving anything behind.
  • Your Smartphone = Your Remote [[1264]]
    Lock your doors, sound the horn, flash your headlights, and remote start your LEAF. [[200]][[201]]
  • Talk to your car
    Use voice commands to get you places, play music, text, and more – hands free. [[201]]

Charge your LEAF, start it , warm it up, cool it down, and keep tabs on all of it using your smartphone app and NissanConnect EV. [[205]] And with LEAF’s available touchscreen display, you’ve got a window on all your fave apps and services. Connectivity and technology – in the Nissan LEAF, it’s always along for the ride. [[200]][[201]]

If you can do it out there, you can do it in here

Enjoy technology so intuitive, it feels tailor-made for you. Remote Engine Start with Intelligent Climate Control warms or cools the interior before you even get in. [[200]] And NissanConnect lets you instantly sync with your compatible device and the world around you. [[201]]

Emergency preparedness

Accidents happen. In the Nissan LEAF, preparedness is always along for the ride. Automatic Collision Notification can call for help if your airbags deploy. An Emergency Call is one touch away, and you can even summon Roadside Assistance with your in-vehicle connection. [[201]] [[203]]

Over the Air WiFi Navigation Updates

Software and map updates made over wifi help keep your Nissan Door-to-door navigation system up-to-date, for a more efficient ride to and from your destination without a second thought.

NissanConnect EV App:
control at your fingertips

Designed exclusively for the Nissan LEAF, NissanConnect EV with Services powered by SiriusXM® gives you access to the many unique features of your fully electric vehicle. More technology. More convenience. On the go? You can control select vehicle functions with your smartphone and smartwatch. At home? You can access your LEAF with just your voice using the NissanConnect EV Skill with Amazon Alexa or Action for the Google Assistant. [[201]][[204]]

Need to connect? Just say!

NissanConnect EV Services is compatible with two of the leading voice assistants making setting the cabin temperature of your LEAF or checking on charging as easy as speaking it out loud. [[201]]

NissanConnect EV Amazon Alexa

NissanConnect EV Skill with Amazon Alexa

Using the NissanConnect EV Skill with Amazon Alexa, you can lock and unlock your doors, flash your lights, turn on climate control, and more – all with the sound of your voice. [[201]][[204]]

NissanConnect EV Google Assistant

NissanConnect EV Action for the Google Assistant

Nissan LEAF lets you access NissanConnect EV Action with your Google Assistant. Just say, "Hey Google, talk to NissanConnect EV Action" on a compatible smartphone and you'll be able to lock and unlock your doors, flash your lights, turn on climate control, and more. [[201]][[204]]