Brazilian vibrancy is captured in the Nissan EXTREM, a radical concept car aimed squarely at the young—and young-at-heart—keen to make a statement on the road. With raised ground clearance, muscular fenders, and overlapping panels that make it look like it’s clad in resilient armor, EXTREM exudes strength and agility. The result is exotic and distinctive—an introduction to a whole new breed of cars. 

Full Of Pleasant Surprises

Quality craftsmanship can be found all around this tough little street fighter. Large, six-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels are double layered with a dark inner, and brushed metal outer finish. Their turbine shape even helps cool the brakes. Door handles are flush-mounted, and both headlights and taillights feature advanced LED technology.

Ready To Brighten Up Your Day

The exclusive body color—a deep metallic orange with radiant highlights—pays homage to the passion and nature of Brazil. Bright neon accents on the gas cap, tow hook, and wheels provide an extra pop of color, emphasizing Extrem’s energetic, urban rally car spirit.


Fresh Design

The combination of wraparound glass and unique see-through-pillars gives the Extrem driver an exceptional view of the road ahead. A sharply sloped roof—accented with iconic Brazilian graphics—suggests a sporting nature. And to show that Extrem also has a practical side, the roof rails come with cleats for load carrying.

Cargo Space

This compact four seater comes with luggage space, accessible from the hatch. A clever two-tier system hides your valuables from prying eyes beneath a removable cargo bin.