Nissan IDS Concept Self-Driving Car

The future of autonomous driving

By combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence and leading EV technology, the IDS Concept is zeroing in on two of Nissan's aspirational goals: zero emissions and zero traffic fatalities. But this concept isn’t just built to take you safely and efficiently from point A to point B. Even in Piloted Drive mode, when the vehicle is in control, it mimics the driver’s own style and preferences—promising a gratifying, fun drive.  

Nissan IDS Autonomous Electric Car, Side View


Fitted with a high-capacity 60 kWh battery, the Nissan IDS Concept's carbon-fiber hatchback body is lightweight and aerodynamic, for increased driving range. Its low stance minimizes drag and its ultra-thin, low rolling resistance tires — positioned close to the corners to maximize interior space—improve air flow.  

Nissan IDS Concept Interior


Choose Piloted Drive and watch the steering wheel disappear inside the instrument panel. All four seats rotate slightly inward—like the conversation corner of a cozy living room—and a large panel displaying route updates, appointments and more takes center stage. Choose Manual Drive and the interior is transformed to put the driver in control. Seats face forward, the steering wheel reappears, and the interior lighting switches to blue to stimulate concentration.  

Nissan IDS Autonomous Drive Concept


The Nissan IDS Concept communicates with those outside the car as well as with its interior passengers. An LED line on the side body shines white to indicate its awareness of pedestrians or cyclists. And with clever electronic displays—like an "After You" flashing message—the concept also clearly signals its intentions.