Monitor G forces and boost power, chassis dynamics, and more on the programmable multi-function display.

    Along with deeply bolstered front sport seats, GT- R’s rear seats mean everyday practicality.

    Savor quality from the Nappa hide on the dash to the available semi-aniline leather appointments.

GT-R premium interior features

Luxury that performs at a higher level

Consider the richness of semi-aniline leather appointments, a single hand-picked Nappa leather hide, and an air vent designed by a master in their craft. It’s possible the GT-R can leave you breathless before you even drive away. [[1379]]

2023 Nissan GT-R detail view of ventilation controls with aluminum bezels.

Premium interior appointments

Nothing escapes study. The aluminum bezels surrounding the ventilation controls feature subtle etching on the outside to enhance their feel, while the carbon-fiber trim is pure high-performance eye candy.

GT-R seating and trunk space

The practical supercar

Another example of Nissan’s way of re-thinking everything: instead of a low-slung, mid-engine 2-seater, why not create a supercar with a usable rear seat? There’s even an 8.8-cubic-foot trunk — large enough to carry two sets of golf clubs.

2003 Nissan GT-R interior view of sport seats with leather appointments.

GT-R sport seats

Holds on tight: taking the interior to the next level

The GT-R’s sport seats feature deep bolsters to help hold you in place, even during aggressive cornering. [[161]] Supple leather appointments and 8-way adjustability mean great comfort on the track or on your daily commute.

2023 Nissan GT-R interior view of rear seats with subwoofer.

GT-R rear seats

A supercar that seats 4

Why leave your supercar at home when you need to drop off the kids at school or you want to bring friends along for the ride? GT-R brings a new level of practicality other supercars can only dream about. And with a subwoofer that uses the trunk as a bass enclosure, even the GT-R’s rear seat is a technical marvel.

GT-R cockpit

Focused on the driver, first and foremost

Settle into the deeply-bolstered driver’s seat, and the GT-R’s mission becomes immediately clear — to let you be intimately involved with one of the most exhilarating driving experiences on earth.

GT-R programmable multi-function display

Traveling at the speed of GT-R

The centerpiece of the instrument panel is a video game-inspired, multi-function display that was created in collaboration with Polyphony Digital®, makers of the Gran Turismo® electronic game.

GT-R sound enhancement

Lose the noise, not the soul

Advanced active and passive sound technology reduces unwanted noise and helps you enjoy the thrilling sound of GT-R’s twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 singing through a handcrafted titanium exhaust.

2023 Nissan GT-R detail of titanium exhaust sound control button.

Titanium exhaust with exhaust sound control

A control in the cabin closes a valve inside the titanium exhaust that significantly reduces outside exhaust volume — ideal in crowded or urban settings.