Rear perspective of 2024 blue Nissan GT-R Skyline edition

NEW 2024 Nissan GT-R® Special

Coming Summer 2024


Always moving forward, never forgetting where it has been

It rewrote the rules for supercars, never stopped to rest on its laurels, and became a worldwide phenomenon along the way. Now, GT-R️ honors the past and the passionate engineers and skilled craftsman behind it with two unique special editions — sure to be among the most coveted models to ever wear the GT-R badge.

Detailed view of the Nissan GT-R's driving mode selector.


The view of the horizon

As a part of Nissan’s history since 1957, the Skyline name evokes both cityscapes and mountain ranges. Since the 1969 Skyline GT-R, the legend of world-beating performance never stopped. To celebrate the origins of the legend, 2024 Skyline Editions will be produced in limited numbers, all in a unique blue livery that’s pure GT-R.


The heart and soul of those who created it

A GT-R is a uniquely personal vision of ultimate performance. Each engine is hand-assembled by one of the world’s five master Takumi craftsmen. Honoring the dedication of these true masters of performance art, the 2024 T-spec Takumi Edition raises the bar once again with a specially tuned, high-spec engine, special badging, and a T-spec–exclusive exterior and interior color combination. The T-spec Takumi Edition will only be sold at select dealers, making this personal vision an incredibly rare sight.

Green 2024 Nissan GT-R in motion on the highway.

2024 GT-R

Accelerate your ownership experience

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