The NISMO® badge is where Nissan's racing expertise crosses over to create unmatched on-road thrills.

    Carbon fiber parts help to reduce weight and drag while also increasing downforce.

    A checkered flag first waved for a GT-R NISMO predecessor in 1936 and have been on the track ever since.

Ultimate Nissan, ultimate GT-R, ultimate supercar. And yet, it will never be enough. For 2020, the GT-R has been refocused; lighter, more responsive, with enhanced aerodynamics. There may not be a word for beyond ultimate – but there is the 2020 GT-R NISMO®. [[67]]

GT-R NISMO® engine

A fanatically tuned 600-horsepower engine

Powered by the thrust of high-capacity turbos developed from our GT3 racing program, the GT-R NISMO's engine is the purest expression of passion, performance, and technology.

2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO Engine

Greater response across the rpm range

600 horsepower is impressive. But that didn't stop the engineers at NISMO. Further developments from the GT3 racing program make their way into the engine compartment – reshaped turbo vanes allow quicker spool up for enhanced response, and a more aggressive delivery of power across the rpm range. [[1325]]


GT-R NISMO® handling and performance

Unmatched agility and grip

For 2020 the GT-R NISMO finds enhanced handling that once again raise the bar for street and competition. Thanks to a reduction in weight with the addition of carbon fiber body panels, and additional downforce, the Bilstein® DampTronic® suspension has been retuned and combined with a NISMO-tuned hollow stabilizer bar to increase the amount of cornering grip, while still providing a civil ride. [[115]]

2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Nissan/Brembo® carbon ceramic braking system [[115]]

Increasing friction – the heart of braking – requires an incredibly hard compound. A lesson learned from racing, carbon ceramic is strong, exceptionally light, and heat resistant. Making the most of this competition technology, GT-R NISMO now employs larger rotors and pads, plus a new especially rigid caliper, wearing special paint that will not change color, even at temperatures over 1800 degrees. The lighter weight of the braking system also reduces unsprung weight, enhancing handling and steering response.


GT-R NISMO® exterior

Pushing the envelope

2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO Exterior Features

Aerodynamics that cut like a knife

GT-R NISMO® interior

Focused purely on the driver

The Nissan GT-R NISMO cockpit is relentlessly focused. Recaro® seats, an Alcantara®-wrapped steering wheel, and signature NISMO red accents throughout anticipate an experience like no other. [[115]]

Nissan GT-R NISMO Race Car

The NISMO® feel: going beyond the numbers

Great handling isn’t a result of just data. It requires a human touch. NISMO development drivers are much more than just racecar drivers focused on the fastest lap time. They focus on what the vehicle should feel like. What is exciting. What feels thrilling. As much on the street as on the track. They ensure every NISMO feels like a NISMO.


GT-R NISMO® heritage

A legacy of victory on the track

The launch of Nissan GT-R NISMO is but the latest chapter in our story of pioneering spirit, innovation, and passion for motorsport.


GT-R NISMO® Track Edition

A massive injection of NISMO® expertise

For 2020 the Nissan GT-R Track Edition features a healthy injection of NISMO tuning to make it an incredible blend of GT-R civility and GT-R NISMO ultimate performance.

  • More power from 600-hp GT-R NISMO engine
  • Greater responsiveness from NISMO-tuned suspension
  • Lighter unsprung weight from NISMO 20-inch alloy wheels
  • Greater cornering grip from new tire compound
  • Reduced weight from carbon fiber roof [[165]]
  • Available Nissan/Brembo Carbon Ceramic Braking System