Horsepower 400 HP twin-turbo V6 engine

Torque 350 LB-FT massive low-end power

Transmissions 6 -SPEED MANUAL or 9-speed automatic

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Two-tone Ikazuchi Yellow TriCoat / Super Black [[2023_Z_408]]

Please see the actual vehicle and colors at your local Nissan dealer.[[26]]

2023 Nissan Z overview video.

2023 Nissan Z overview video

Every glorious detail

From those who love to drive, to those who love to drive – the Nissan Z is the true expression of who we are. Watch this and see how we built a sports car that will exhilarate you every time.

2023 Nissan Z yellow vintage 240Z.

Nissan Z heritage

Since 1969, rewriting the rules of sports cars

A powerful 6-cylinder under the hood, responsive suspension, and jaw-dropping looks – the Nissan Z has always been an enthusiast’s dream come true.

Datsun 240Z shown originally owned by Yukata Katayama AKA  “Mr.K” - the father of the Z-Car

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