This new intercooled, twin-turbo powerhouse is the most powerful engine ever in a Nissan Z.

    Power out of corners with confidence – and an ear-to-ear smile.

    The first on a Nissan Z – helps give the fastest, most consistent acceleration possible.

Nissan Z power and performance

Put goosebumps on your goosebumps

Welcome to the powerhouse of Nissan Thrill. The power of a twin-turbo V6 down to its available 19” forged alloy wheels. A digital dashboard designed by a Super GT race driver for optimal layout. Ready to get revved up?






lb-ft of Torque



City MPG/Hwy MPG [[1558]]

2023 Nissan Z performance video.
2023 Nissan Z V6 twin-turbo engine on a white background.

Nissan Z 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine

400 horsepower, 240,000 rpm

Strength and power. An aluminum-alloy block and heads keep things light, while a water-cooled intercooler helps keep things cool. Optical turbo speed sensors help the turbines produce power up to a dizzying 240,000 rpm.

Nissan Z manual and automatic transmissions

Squeeze out every single rpm

Connecting the driver and engine, the Nissan Z uses advanced technology to create driving-focused transmissions that can make any driver feel like a master, and a serious driver like a pro. [[161]]

2023 Nissan Z blue interior showing manual gear shifter.

6-speed manual with SynchroRev Match®

Beefed-up synchros for first and second gear help handle all the power, while available SynchroRev Match “blips” the throttle to the ideal engine rpm for a supremely smooth downshift.  

2023 Nissan Z red interior showing automatic gear shifter.

9-speed automatic with Downshift Rev Matching

A new 9-speed automatic shifts more quickly, while the shift-by-wire controller fits in the palm of your hand. Paddle shifters put Downshift Rev Matching within easy reach, while Performance models receive GT-R paddle shifters.

2023 Nissan Z in blue driving on the highway.

Nissan Z launch control

Putting power to the pavement

The first on any Nissan Z – available launch control helps reduce wheel spin and hop, by holding the engine at a pre-set rpm and modulating power as you pull away to give you fast, consistent acceleration. [[161]]

Nissan Z handling

Carve up your favorite road

Feel the g-force push you against the bolstered sport seat and revel in the balance from the Front Midship chassis design as the rear wheels power you out of the turn.

Nissan Z handling video

Make every turn a thrill

2023 Nissan Z performance and handling video.

Nissan Z Drive Modes

Performance on demand

With Nissan Z selectable drive modes on models with the 9-speed automatic transmission, you enjoy a relaxed comfortable commute, and step up to pure exhilarating performance at the flip of a switch.

2023 Nissan Z in blue entering a tunnel to illustrate standard mode.

Standard Mode

Ideal for the everyday commute, Standard Mode gives a perfectly-measured blend of responsive performance, quiet ride, and lightweight steering for easy maneuverability.

2023 Nissan Z moving quickly through a turn to illustrate sport mode.

Sport Mode

Sport Mode responds with quicker shifts, a more-responsive throttle, firmer steering effort, and sport stability-control settings. Enhanced engine sounds fill the cabin to rev up your drive. [[161]]

2023 Nissan Z in blue showing brake with red calipers.

Nissan Z performance brakes

Powerful go, powerful stop

Tuned to give powerful braking with excellent pedal feel, available Akebono® Performance Brakes feature 14" front rotors with 4-piston calipers. [[115]]

2023 Nissan Z showing exhaust pipe system against white background.

Nissan Z sport exhaust

Sing your way to the redline

Automatic transmission models feature a sport exhaust that adjusts the flow to provide a quieter sound at lower rpm and an exhilarating battle cry as it pulls towards the redline. [[161]]

Nissan Z lightweight components

It’s all about power-to-weight

There are two proven ways to improve performance – add power or reduce overall weight. In the new Nissan Z, we do both. An impressive 10% improvement in power-to-weight ratio enhances the all-new Nissan Z’s acceleration, handling, and braking. 

Genuine Nissan Z exterior accessories and parts

Always get a double-take

The all-new Nissan Z is one gorgeous vehicle – Genuine Nissan Accessories make it look even better, and keep it looking great.