2024 Nissan Pathfinder Towing
2024 Nissan Pathfinder shown. More Towing Information. [[1135]]

Nissan Lineup Towing Capacity

Keep your life in tow

What is towing capacity?

Towing capacity is the maximum weight that a vehicle can pull while towing. This could refer to the weight of a watercraft, a trailer, or even another vehicle. Towing capacity can be based on the build of the vehicle, towing accessories used, amount of passengers in the vehicle, and amount of cargo that is inside or on top of the vehicle. [[114]]

Nissan TITAN Towing a Boat
2024 Nissan TITAN shown. More Towing Information [[1634]]

Nissan SUV Towing Capacity

Bring more U in SUV

Within the Nissan vehicle lineup, find four SUVs able to tow the extras you need on top of seating capacities ranging from 5-8 and cargo space to keep things personal. [[114]][[23]]

Nissan Armada SUV Towing a Camper

2024 Armada®

Big. Beautiful. And when towing, an absolute beast. 

Up to:



Maximum Towing Capacity[[114]]

2024 Pathfinder®

The legendary adventure vehicle that's built to take it, as well as take it along.

Up to:



Maximum Towing Capacity [[1135]]

Nissan Pathfinder SUV Towing an ATV

2024 Rogue®

When adventure calls, answer in a towing-ready Rogue.

Up to:



Maximum Towing Capacity [[114]]

Nissan Rogue Crossover

2024 Murano®

No SUV should ever look this good while towing a trailer.

Up to:



Maximum Towing Capacity [[114]]

Nissan Murano SUV

Pathfinder Towing

Find your path and bring the fun with you

The 2024 Pathfinder has the power, the precision and the poise to help you tow like a pro. [[1135]]

Nissan Truck Towing Capacity

Trucks, trailers, boats and beyond

With Nissan trucks, tow with confidence. Bring more of what revs you up, like trailers, boats, and other big toys. [[114]]


The titan of trucks is also the titan of towing.

Up to:



Maximum Towing Capacity[[1634]]

Nissan TITAN Pickup Truck Towing a Tractor


Built for heavy-duty hauling, TITAN XD really knows how to tow.

Up to:



Maximum Towing Capacity[[1638]]

Nissan TITAN XD Heavy Duty Truck Towing a Boat


The mid-sized truck with full-size capability and towing-power to spare. 

Up to:



Maximum Towing Capacity [[1623]]

Nissan Frontier Mid-Size Truck Towing a Camper
Nissan Towing Equipment
2020 Titan shown with accessories. [[5]] [[1393]]

Nissan Towing Guide & How-to's

Towing Tips & Safety

Towing requires a variety of equipment, and, depending upon the application, there can be several types or styles of each piece of equipment. Working with your Nissan dealer or a professional supplier of towing equipment, it should be relatively simple to determine the proper type of equipment for your specific vehicle given the intended application. [[114]]

2024 Towing Guide

For more details on safe and reliable towing, check out the Nissan Towing Guide. You will find information on equipment, preparing your vehicle, safety, and terms at the tip of your fingers. [[114]]

Nissan Off Road SUV Towing ATVs

Nissan towing FAQ

What is the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)?

The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the actual weight as weighed on a scale - including passengers, cargo, fuel, hitch, trailer tongue/king pin load, and any
optional equipment. [[114]]