Nissan Incentives & Special Offers

Get behind the Nissan of your dreams. With a thrilling lineup of vehicles to chose from, there's something for everyone. Check out these sales event tips.

Nissan Year End Sales Event

Take a test drive

Avoid a Sales Event rush at your local Nissan dealership, try doing your vehicle research ahead of time. You can even request a quote before visiting your dealership. Did you know you may be able to arrange a test drive online from a participating DRIVE@HOME dealer, that starts right outside your door? This is a time-saving tip, giving you more time to test drive a Nissan vehicle. [[3271]]

Nissan Year End Car Deals Event Inventory

Check your local Nissan dealership inventory online from home

Shop Nissan at home and look for Nissan, incentives & special offers. You can also check for potential Nissan low and 0% APR financing offers that may be available at your local dealership [[3373]]

Nissan Year End Sales Event Trade In Value

Get your paperwork prepped

Make sure to bring your valid driver's license, proof of auto insurance and your method of payment along to your local dealership. If you're trading a vehicle in, check your trade-in value before heading in.

Nissan Year End Sales Event Estimate Payments

Take a closer look at the fine print

Chances are your local Nissan dealership will be preparing various offers across multiple Nissan models and trims. To save time, do your research by making sure the fine print aligns with your needs so you can select the finance and payment option that works best for you.[[3079]]

Nissan Shop at Home


Shop, drive and buy your new Nissan online from a participating NISSAN@HOME dealer[[3355]]