Nissan NISMO


The name says it all

What is NISMO?

NISMO is the embodiment of ultimate Nissan performance, inspired by the most unforgiving proving ground – the race track. An elite group of engineers and test drivers who have worked, driven, and won on every level take select Nissan vehicles and create NISMO road cars that offer a uniquely thrilling and authentic experience. With a name derived from Nissan Motorsport, you should expect nothing less.[[3903]]

NISMO Human Engineered Video

From the racetrack to your driveway

Ultimate NISSAN performance, every day

As passionate as we are about performance, we are also dedicated to the idea that the joy of owning and driving a NISMO vehicle should be available to every enthusiast. So we are pleased to offer a selection of sporty vehicles, where everything from enhanced aerodynamics to competition-tuned suspensions to race-inspired cockpits put you in the sweet spot of track-inspired performance and a road car you feel comfortable driving on your daily commute.

Why only a nismo feels like a nismo

Great handling isn’t a result of just data. It requires a human touch. NISMO development drivers are much more than just racecar drivers focused on the fastest lap time. They focus on what the vehicle should feel like. What is exciting. What feels thrilling. As much on the street as on the track. They ensure every NISMO feels like a NISMO.

Nissan Technical Meister Hiroyoshi Kato

A driving legend

Meet Hiroyoshi Kato. Nissan Technical Meister. Nissan Nürburgring Meister. He is not easily satisfied. But when he is, you’ll feel the magic every time you are behind the wheel.


Worn with pride

With NISMO vehicles now being sold in many countries, a worldwide audience can appreciate the incredible amount of engineering, testing, and manufacturing know-how required before a vehicle wears the NISMO badge.

Aerodynamic alchemy
Design driven by function

A NISMO vehicle is designed for immaculate performance and function, its thrilling presence is a bonus. Painstaking design down to the millimeter creates a shape with massive downforce to help you hold the road. Details like a rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and side sills reduce drag so you slice through the air. The fact that it looks this great doing so – icing on the cake.

GT-R® NISMO® limited availability. Contact your local dealer for inventory information.
Nissan NISMO engine

Race-proven engineering

Step on the throttle and feel how race-proven engineering makes every trip through the gears memorable, with quick response, strong low-end torque, a wide powerband, and the unique growl of the exhaust note.

A uniquely human touch

While it is important, data will only tell you so much. A number alone won't thrill, won't give an unforgettable driving experience. It takes a special kind of genius – a uniquely human touch – to take science and turn it into a living, breathing, exhilarating machine.

NISMO team

The Hidden Language of Data

Nissan NISMO GT-R body

Intimately connected to the road

Handling that makes every corner an occasion

You feel it through the wheel, the seats, the pedals. Competition-tuned suspensions can feature enhancements like stiffer springs, body dampers, and chassis reinforcements to create incredible handling and precision. Your NISMO responds to your commands as if it were reading your mind.

Nissan car assembly

Inside the world of NISMO

NISMO vehicles go through a series of body and chassis stiffness reinforcements after the vehicles leave the assembly line.

The touchpoint between car and road
Gripping performance

Bend into a corner and the steering tells you everything you need to know. Step on the brakes and feel control that lets you perfectly balance the chassis for precise handling. Hundreds of tire, brake, and wheel combinations are tested on track and street to find the right match for the chassis and to make sure you’re hard-wired to your drive.

Nissan NISMO Z sports car

Inside the world of nismo
It all starts with tires

The right tires are essential to everything else. You can’t tune the shocks, the coils, or even choose the right wheel stiffness until you get the right tire size and compound chosen.

NISMO tires
NISMO wheels

Track-inspired ergonomics

A driver-focused cockpit

Deeply bolstered sport seats hold you as you corner. Alcantara® cloth improves your grip on the steering wheel. Inspired by rally driving and drifting, there’s even a red signature atop the steering wheel to let you know where 12 o’clock is. In a NISMO cockpit, car and driver become one.

NISMO seats

Inside the world of nismo
Hand-built passion

NISMO models start off being assembled like the regular version. But when the other vehicles are done, the NISMO models have an extended journey. A hand-built journey.

NISMO assembly video
NISMO Hand-built Passion 1:19
NISMO hand masking video

Human Touch With Every NISMO

A special hand-masking process (unique to NISMO models) is required to achieve the NISMO brand colors on each vehicle produced. To achieve the level of quality demanded, key parts including side sills and bumpers are painted in 3 separate steps. These extra steps ensure enhanced durability and the highest quality.

Always racing forward


Nissan NISMO Formula E champion


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