Torque 413 lb-ft @4,000 rpm [[1361]]

Horsepower 400 hp @5,800 rpm [[1361]]

Towing Capacity 11,033 lbs. of maximum towing [[1576]]

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Compare 2023 TITAN Lineup trims

Explore and compare the key features of each TITAN trim to find the one that’s right for you. Interested in additional towing and payload capacity to help tackle the toughest the jobs? Check out the Nissan TITAN XD. [[114]][[145]]

TITAN Lineup towing and payload capacity

TITAN or TITAN XD? It depends on what your lifestyle demands. For hauling equipment out to the site or towing the boat out to the lake, the 2023 TITAN is for you. Choose the 2023 TITAN XD to tow with confidence, with a 3" larger frame, commercial-grade components, and heavy-duty brakes for bringing those heavy loads to a stop. [[114]][[145]]

2023 TITAN

Max King Cab 4x2 towing up to 9,323 lbs. [[1572]]

Max King Cab 4x4 payload up to 1,697 lbs. [[1571]]

Wheelbase 139.8 Inches

2023 Nissan TITAN in Gun Metallic with towing, payload and wheelbase specifications.


Max Crew Cab towing capacity up to 11,033 lbs. with available gooseneck hitch [[1574]]

Max Crew Cab payload up to 2,406 lbs. [[1573]]

Wheelbase 151.6 Inches

2023 Nissan TITAN XD in Cardinal Red Metallic with towing, payload and wheelbase specifications.
2023 Nissan TITAN lineup business and fleet vehicles.

Nissan Business and Fleet

2023 TITAN Lineup for your business

From exclusive financing options to thoughtful incentives for multiple fleet vehicles, it simply makes sense to go to Nissan for your next work truck. 

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