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Nissan Business Advantage

At Nissan, we know what matters. That's why Nissan Business Advantage is more than just benefits for your business, it's a partnership. Nissan is here to help you find the perfect fleet to help match your business needs as they grow.

Small vs Large Fleet

What size is your fleet?

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Small (15 or less vehicles)

Whether you need 15 vehicles, or just 1, Nissan has you covered. Contact a dealer today to choose your perfect fleet from our versatile Nissan lineup and discover which available incentives best suit your business needs.

Volume-based incentives

Under the Nissan Business Advantage, you'll have access to exclusive discounts and incentive programs that work for your fleet. Vehicle incentives, upfits & graphic allowances, and service & maintenance programs - all available to help your business thrive.

Large (16 or more vehicles)

Choose your fleet with a Commercial Sales Manager and discover the advantages. 


Nissan offers a ship-thru program on vehicles produced in the US and Mexico. There is a minimum of 15 vehicles and a $150 'Nissan Ship-Through Fee' applies and will be displayed on the Monroney.

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Special Incentives

Franchisees, Government and Non-profit Organizations

Business & Fleet also offers special incentives for government and nonprofit organizations. All local and state government entities and nonprofit organizations can get fleet certified with just one vehicle.

Fleet 101

New to Fleet?

We're here to help. Nissan provides a variety of fleet benefits with Nissan Business Advantage such as volume-based incentives, priority service, and flexible financing for as few as 1 vehicle. Our national dealer network is here to support you every step of the way.

Choosing your Fleet

Vehicle Options

Nissan is ready to help you craft your perfect fleet, choosing from a variety of versatile, impressive Nissan vehicles. 

Awards & Accolades

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Financing vs. Leasing

Are you buying or leasing?

Choosing your fleet comes with many decisions, one of them being whether to finance or lease. If you plan on keeping your vehicles for more than 4 years, purchasing or financing your fleet is a great option. Nissan also provides a line of credit (LOC) that helps streamline the purchase process and is customized to your needs.

Stay Informed

Keep your fleet in the loop with program benefits, updates, and more, all included in our Nissan Business and Fleet Newsletter. 

Nissan Business Advantage
for Government & Non-profit Organizations

Two people going over Nissan business fleet special incentives for governments

Vehicles for your Fleet

Military, police, and public workers are just a few examples of those who can qualify for special fleet incentives. Choose from a lineup of quality Nissan vehicles that offer cargo solutions, safety technology, and more.

Safety and Technology

Certain government-related jobs may require vehicles with advanced technology. With the Safety Shield 360 and Advanced Driver Assist technology, Nissan vehicles can help your employees safely excel at their daily duties.

Fleet Sustainability and Economic Benefits

Going EV is a great and sustainable option for your government or non-profit fleet. We're here to help with your transition to electric vehicles. With unbeatable options and benefits, making the switch to EV can be easy. 

Nissan Business Advantage
for Franchisees

Two people going over Nissan business fleet special incentives for franchisees

Vehicles for your Fleet

Depending on your franchise, your fleet vehicle needs may vary significantly. The versatile Nissan lineup of trucks, SUVS, electric vehicles, and more has you covered. Connect with a dealer today to find your perfect fleet. 


Staying connected is crucial for your franchise. With Nissan Connect® Services your drivers can manage schedules, contacts, and more, all safely behind the wheel. [[1189]]

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