Make your Frontier an extension of your compatible smartphone with your apps, music, messaging, and mapping seamlessly connected. [[1189]][[48]]

    The available NissanConnect® 9" color touch-screen display is easy on the eyes, thanks to its high-definition, high-resolution display. [[1189]]

    Give your Frontier its own wireless network so you can connect your compatible wireless devices to high-speed internet access on the go. [[1189]]

NissanConnect® 9" touch-screen display

Need something? Just swipe

Frontier’s available NissanConnect® 9” color touch-screen display is one of the largest in its class, and invites you tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom to your heart’s content with a visual clarity and responsiveness you’ve never seen before in a Frontier. [[1468]][[1189]]

2023 Nissan Frontier close up of 9-inch touch-screen.


Use the power of your voice to place calls, send messages, or even get directions. This is your connection to the world, through Nissan, right at your fingertips. [[1189]]

Nissan Door to Door Navigation

Frontier’s GPS navigation gets you there with ease, thanks to live traffic information, 3D building graphics, and seamless turn-by-turn directions. You can even get walking directions to and from your Frontier — a great help in unfamiliar locations. [[77]]

Frontier smartphone integration

All your favorite apps are invited

Inside Frontier, you’ll have no less than the latest in seamless integration with your compatible smartphone, so you can import your music, messaging, and mapping for a personalized experience. [[1189]][[48]]

2023 Nissan Frontier touch-screen showing Apple CarPlay® apps.

Apple CarPlay® integration

People to see? Places to be? Just ask Siri®. Equipped with Siri® voice control, Apple CarPlay® brings your contacts, favorite messaging apps, Apple Music® playlists, Apple Maps, and more on board to your Frontier. And with available wireless Apple CarPlay® integration, there’s no need to plug-in. Your world is now freed from wires. [[1189]][[115]]

2023 Nissan Frontier touch-screen showing Android Auto™ apps.

Android Auto™ compatibility

Talk to Google on Android Auto and get things done with your voice. Easily send messages, get directions, control media, and more. Just say, “Hey Google” or, in compatible vehicles, long-press the voice control button on your steering wheel to get started. [[1189]][[250]]

2023 Nissan Frontier car with wi-fi symbol above it illustrating hotspot.

Frontier Wi-Fi Hotspot

Extend your range

NissanConnect® with Wi-Fi Hotspot provides you with the ability to turn your vehicle into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot, keeping you connected on the go. [[1189]]

Fender® Premium Audio System

Feel it, don’t just hear it

Your playlist never sounded this good.  Frontier’s available 10-speaker Fender Premium Audio System, including dual subwoofer enclosure, lets you hear your tunes with the clarity and richness they deserve. [[115]]

2023 Nissan Frontier overhead illustration of speaker placements in truck.

Largest Standard Driver Gauge Display in its Class [[1608]]

Essential info in plain sight

NissanConnect® Services powered by SiriusXM

A closer connection to your vehicle

Maintain a close relationship with your Frontier through voice. Using Alexa or Google Assistant, you can access NissanConnect® Services for a variety of tasks. [[1189]][[1463]][[250]]


Nissan Leaf Just Ask Alexa logoNissan Leaf with Hey Google logo

Just Ask Alexa logoworks with Hey Google logo

Just Ask Alexa logoworks with Hey Google logo

MyNissan App


Your entire ownership experience-in your pocket

Expanding from hosting just your ownership features, such as service appointments and owners manuals, the MyNISSAN app can now help you with vehicle functionality like remote start/stop, lock/unlock, and more from your compatible smartphone.