Optimized for rough terrain, these shocks help you attack ruts, rocks, and roots with confidence. [[115]]

    With stylish logos and Lava Red accents throughout the interior and exterior, the PRO-4X is unmistakable.

    Your very own virtual spotter that shows a virtual composite bird’s-eye view of some of the obstacles in your path for more confident off-roading. [[1117]]

Frontier PRO-4X performance features

Off-road ready from the factory

The Frontier PRO-4X is trail-ready, right off the showroom floor, with enough built-in capability to explore radical terrain and get you to your favorite spots off the beaten path. With Frontier’s excellent 4x4 platform as a starting point, the PRO-4X extends capability with technology, engineering, style, and grit to go the distance.

2023 Nissan Frontier front skid plate.

Skid plates

PRO-4X armors its points of vulnerability underneath, protecting the engine, oil pan, transfer case, and fuel tank from rocks and trail debris to give you the confidence to go farther and explore more. 

2023 Nissan Frontier gauge screen showing off-road gauges.

Off-road gauges

When the trail gets rough, the off-road gauges of the PRO-4X keep track of pitch, roll, and also key off-road functions, such as 4x4 engagement and differential lock status, for a safer, more confident day on the trail. [[1456]]

2023 Nissan Frontier intelligent around view monitor screen, while off-road.

Intelligent Around View Monitor with Off-Road Mode

Activated automatically when you shift into 4LO, the class-exclusive available Intelligent Around View Monitor with Off-Road Mode shows more of the trail around you to help you navigate tougher obstacles. [[1117]]

Frontier PRO-4X styling features

Style that stands out, even when dirty

The Frontier PRO-4X is an off-road truck that makes a strong statement wherever you take it, with a rugged, muscular presence that triggers double takes and demands respect.

2023 Nissan Frontier close up of tire and over fender.


PRO-4X overfenders provide a muscular stance, clearance for larger all-terrain tires, and a powerful presence that leaves an impression wherever you go.

2023 Nissan Frontier center console showing lava red accents.

Lava Red accents

The unmistakable trademark, PRO-4X style can be seen with stylish Lava Red accents on the dash, center console, doors, seats, and exterior badging and trim.