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Enjoy a full suite of available customizable, embedded Google apps and services that support a variety of options to accommodate every driver.

Google built-in, currently available on 2024 Nissan Rogue® SL and Platinum trims, brings seamless integration of the best of Google to your vehicle. [[3880]] [[1643]]

NIssanConnect Google Services Video Overview

Introducing Google built-in

Discover the thrill of a seamless, convenient and fun driving experience, featuring Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play. [[3880]] [[1643]]

Touchscreen display showing NissanConnect Google Built In Feature


What features are available with Google built-in?

Seamlessly integrated with onboard applications for unique experiences and vehicle control.


Google Maps with Google built-in

Enjoy your Nissan vehicle with Google built-in and get things done while on the road. Log into your Google Account and Google Maps will provide personalized suggestions and help guide you on your drive with real-time traffic information to find the best route to your next destination.

Google Maps with Google built-in is currently available on 2024 Rogue SL & Platinum trims.[[3880]] [[1643]] [[77]]



Google Maps offers precise navigation with turn-by-turn and lane-specific guidance, continuously refreshed from a host of sources.


Google Assistant with Google built-in

Enjoy your time on the road and get things done with help from Google Assistant. On vehicles that are equipped with this feature capability, you can get directions if you are lost, turn on and adjust the climate control, stream music and more with just your voice.

Google Assistant with Google built-in is currently available on 2024 Rogue SL & Platinum trims. [[3880]] [[1643]]


Hands-free experience

Manage your infotainment, navigation, media, and vehicles HVAC preferences—just ask Google Assistant.


Google Play with Google built-in

With Google Play you can find and download apps for navigation, points of interest, parking, charging and more in your Nissan vehicle.

Google Play with Google built-in is currently available on 2024 Rogue SL & Platinum trims. Requires In-Vehicle Data & Wi-Fi connection to download and use apps. [[3880]] [[1643]] [[1640]]


Vehicle-ready apps

Find trusted apps that are driver-distraction tested.

NissanConnect Google Built In Video

Google built-in setup

Need to know how to set up your Nissan vehicle with Google-built in? Get the details in this video.

Setup instructions

Access apps and services like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and more on Google Play directly in your car—you just need to sign into your NissanConnect and Google Accounts. Make sure you can access both of these accounts for Google built-in setup.

Don't have a Google account or don't want to log in with it? While some apps can be used offline or when signed out, certain features may be limited. If you don't have a personal Google Account, you can create one on another device. 


Step 1: Log into NissanConnect

Follow these steps to log in:

  1. Log in to NissanConnect® in the vehicle on the touchscreen display.
  2. Type in your NissanConnect® credentials. These are the same credentials used to log in to the MyNISSAN app.
  3. Tap the “Login” button when complete. Do NOT press the “Next” button or your information will be deleted, and you’ll need to complete this step again.
  4. When the login is successful, you’ll see a confirmation message appear on the screen, and a green checkmark will appear next to “Customize your profile” screen. Note: Remote functions of the MyNISSAN app will not work unless this step is completed.
  5. Next you can log in to your Google Account to receive personalized Google Maps and Google Assistant recommendations.
Touchscreen display showing Google destinations

More Google navigation features

Utilize your Nissan Navigation System to explore nearby places, and Google® Destinations will provide Points of Interest results based on your search term and your vehicle's current GPS location. [[3880]]

Nissan Rogue

Which Nissan vehicles have Google features?

Visit the Package Availability page to find out which vehicles are equipped with Google features.

Related features

Explore similar features to make the most of your drive.


Access the best content, for everything you love, all in one place, including exclusive and behind the scenes coverage you can't find anywhere else. [[3880]] [[1667]]

NissanConnect® with In-Vehicle Data & Wi-Fi

Turn your vehicle into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot, keeping you connected on-the-go. [[3880]] [[1640]]

Amazon Alexa Built-in

Ask Alexa to play music, listen to audiobooks, hear the news, check the weather and more—while being able to keep your eyes on the road. In-Vehicle Data & Wi-Fi subscription or personal Wi-Fi hotspot is required. [[1489]] [[3880]] [[3882]][[77]]


Questions about Google features?

Explore frequently asked questions about Google features.


What are vehicles with Google built-in?

Vehicles with Google built-in are vehicles that come with Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play directly integrated into the vehicle, allowing you to access your favorite apps and services right when you get into the vehicle, without needing to connect your phone.

Google built-in, currently available on 2024 Nissan Rogue® SL and Platinum trims, brings seamless integration of the best of Google to your vehicle. [[3880]] [[1643]]

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Your vehicle's companion

Get everything from important owner information, to roadside emergency assistance, to vehicle functions like remote start and more—all through the MyNISSAN app. [[3880]] [[97]]


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