Nissan develops the world's first self-cleaning car prototype

Nissan Develops Self-Cleaning Car

Nissan has been testing an innovative nano-paint technology—called Ultra-Ever Dry®—to develop the world’s first self-cleaning car. The specially engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint repels mud, rain, oil, sleet, dirt and everyday road spray—and it just may make your trips to the car wash a thing of the past.


Repelling water to the degree that droplets do not flatten but roll off instead.


Refers to the physical property of a molecule that is repelled from oil.

In 2014, the European version of the Versa Note became the first self-cleaning car prototype. More recently in North America, the special coating—manufactured by UltraTech International Inc.—

was applied to the Nissan LEAF® to create what might just be the world’s cleanest car. (That’s what you get when you combine a zero-emissions vehicle with cutting-edge paint technology.)

Both the Note and the Nissan LEAF® were tested in a variety of conditions, putting the coating’s durability and real-world effectiveness through its paces. The results are more than promising. By creating a protective layer between the paint and the elements, dirt and grime just slide off without leaving any marks on the car. 

While there are no current plans to apply the self-cleaning paint to Nissan’s vehicle lineup as a standard feature, Nissan engineers are considering the technology as a potential aftermarket option, making it easy to envision a not-so-distant future where shiny cars line our roads, highways, and parking garages. 

Nissan self cleaning car paint

"The 100 percent electric LEAF provides the perfect canvas for this new, advanced paint technology. This is one LEAF that never has to stop at gas stations - not even for a car wash." 

-Pierre Loing, Vice President, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc.