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Take connected electric vehicle technology to the next level with Nissan’s advanced EV apps and services, tailored specifically for your Nissan ARIYA or LEAF vehicle. Seamlessly control and monitor various vehicle functions right from your compatible smartphone or smart device—everything you need to power your next adventure.

For ARIYA owners, the MyNISSAN app delivers powerful connectivity to enhance your ownership experience, enabling effortless management of vehicle settings and remote controls at your fingertips.

For LEAF owners, the NissanConnect® EV & Services app offers a range of convenient features. Sync your LEAF with your compatible smartphone and smartwatch to remotely control vehicle functions. Plus, interact with your vehicle at home using just your voice through the NissanConnect EV Skill for Amazon Alexa. [[3880]]

MyNISSAN App showing control functionalities for ARIYA


Looking for ARIYA EV features?

Get access to the many unique features of your fully electric Nissan ARIYA with the MyNISSAN app.

Adjust your cabin temperature, set charging timers, and get range info directly from your compatible smartphone and smartwatch. Remote access, driving history on demand, and customizable alerts round out a fully connected experience with the MyNISSAN app.

Visit Package Availability to explore which EV features are available for your ARIYA or download the MyNISSAN app. [[3880]]


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Nissan LEAF smartphone app

Nissan LEAF smartphone app

More technology. More convenience. More connectivity. With the NissanConnect EV & Services app powered by SiriusXM®, you can control select vehicle functions and keep tabs on your LEAF from your compatible smartphone while on-the-go.

Download the Nissan LEAF app today to enhance your driving experience. [[3880]]

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How can I use the EV & Services app for my LEAF?

Designed exclusively for Nissan LEAF, the available NissanConnect® EV & Services app, provides you with information on—and access to—the many unique features of your zero-emission vehicle.

From activating remote start charging to monitoring your battery and managing cabin temperature, the EV & Services app delivers a smarter, more connected driving experience. [[154]] [[97]] [[3880]]

Remote controls

Want the perfect temperature before you get in? Or maybe you want to start a charge remotely? Do all that and more through your compatible smart device.

  • Remote Start Charge
  • Remote Climate Control On/Off
  • Remote Climate Control Timer
  • Check Cabin Temperature
  • Set Cabin Temperature
  • Remote Battery Status Check
  • Nissan Skill for Amazon Alexa
  • And More [[3880]]
NissanConnect EV Services Smartphone app

Nissan LEAF smartwatch integration

Sync your LEAF with your compatible smartwatch to remotely control vehicle functions, ensuring your journey continues without interruption.

Available for Apple Watch and Wear OS by Google™, the NissanConnect® EV & Services app adds another level of convenience to LEAF ownership. The app offers push notifications and easy control of LEAF features right from your wrist.

Features you can access through your compatible smartwatch include:

  • Charging Status
  • Estimated Driving Range
  • Remote Start Charge
  • Remote Climate Control On/Off
  • Battery Status,
  • Plug-In Reminder
  • Charge Complete Notifications
  • My Car Finder (MY18 and newer models only)
  • And more [[3880]]
NissanConnect EV Skill with Amazon Alexa


NissanConnect EV Skill with Amazon Alexa

Effortlessly interact with your Nissan LEAF using just your voice through the Nissan Skill for Amazon Alexa, enabling seamless integration into your daily routine.

With Alexa, you can access select EV features of your Nissan LEAF from the comfort of your home, including:

  • Check battery status: "Alexa, ask NissanConnect EV to get the battery status of my LEAF".
  • Remotely set a climate control schedule: "Alexa, ask NissanConnect EV to set a schedule to turn on Climate Control on Monday at 7:00 AM in my LEAF". [[3880]][[1464]]

Related features

Explore similar features to make the most of your drive.

Remote Climate Control On/Off

Remotely turn the climate control on and off in your electric vehicle. [[3880]] [[97]]

Route Planner

Enter your start and end points and get recommended routes with charging stations based on your electric vehicle's range. [[3880]]

Remote Battery Status Check

See your electric vehicle's percent charge, plug in status, charging status, time until complete charge, and driving range. [[3880]]


Questions about NissanConnect® EV & Services?

Explore frequently asked questions about NissanConnect® EV & Services.

What is the difference between the NissanConnect® EV & Services app and the MyNISSAN app?

The NissanConnect® EV & Services app is designed exclusively to manage the unique features of the Nissan LEAF, while the MyNISSAN app helps owners of all other Nissan vehicles—including the ARIYA—get the most out of their ownership experience.

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