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Discover features and services to remotely control your vehicle. Effortlessly navigate through the demands on your day, from finding your Nissan vehicle in a bustling parking lot to remotely checking whether you locked your doors. Our remote features bring convenience to the forefront and put power in the palm of your hand—wherever you are. [[3880]]

NissanConnect Remote Horn and Light feature displayed on smartphone


Remote Horn & Lights

Forgot where you parked? With the Remote Horn & Lights feature, locating your vehicle has never been quicker or more effortless.

Instantly activate Remote Horn & Lights with just a tap on the MyNISSAN app. Your vehicle's lights will immediately start flashing and the horn will beep for 15 seconds so you know exactly where it is—even in the most crowded parking lot.

Don't want to draw any unnecessary attention? You can opt for a more discreet option to flash the lights only.

Good to know: In order to use Remote Horn & Lights, your vehicle's engine must be off. [[3880]]

Nissan Rogue Remote Vehicle Status


Remote Vehicle Status

Get peace of mind without the need to physically check your vehicle. [[3880]]

Remote Vehicle Status delivers key insights about your vehicle instantly:
- Fuel level
- Odometer reading
- If any malfunction indicator lights are on
- If doors are open or locked

Plan your journeys with confidence—just use the MyNISSAN app or MyNISSAN Owner Portal to check the status of your vehicle anytime, anywhere. [[3880]]

NissanConnect Walk Away Status video overview


Walk Away Status

Never worry about leaving your vehicle vulnerable. Walk Away Status takes Remote Vehicle Status to the next level with proactive reminders and instant notifications to help ensure your vehicle's security.

Walk Away Status gives you:
- Automatic notifications prompting you to lock your vehicle or to close your window, trunk or moonroof when you step away from your vehicle
- Timely alerts if your vehicle detects any of the following: hatch or trunk open, doors open, doors unlocked, windows open, moonroof open

Don't forget that you can easily customize your notifications in the MyNISSAN app so you get the information you want, when you want it.

Walk Away Status feature currently available on 2024 Nissan Rogue SL and Platinum trims. [[3880]]

NissanConnect Remote data wipe


Remote Data Wipe

Trading in or selling your Nissan vehicle? Take control of your privacy. Use the MyNISSAN App or MyNISSAN Owner Portal to remotely remove personally identifiable information that is saved on your vehicle. [[3880]]

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My Car Finder

Locate your Nissan vehicle remotely using GPS, whether en route or in a crowded parking lot. [[3880]]

Remote Engine Start/Stop

Start or stop your Nissan vehicle from the comfort of your home. [[3880]] [[97]]

Remote Door Lock/Unlock

Lock and unlock your Nissan vehicle's doors remotely when your keys aren't handy. [[3880]]


Questions about remote features?

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Will I be notified if remote commands are successful or unsuccessful?

You can be notified of the success or failure of remote commands if you have downloaded the MyNISSAN App and have enabled push notifications. You will also be shown the status of the command within the mobile app.

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Get everything from important owner information, to roadside emergency assistance, to vehicle functions like remote start and more—all through the MyNISSAN app. [[3880]] [[97]]


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