2020 Nissan Maxima® Gallery

360 & Colors

Carnelian Red Tintcoat [[2020_MAXIMA_408]]

Please see the actual vehicle and colors at your local Nissan dealer. [[26]]

Maxima Interior Design

Perfection in the details

The seductive, sculpted shape of the Maxima deserves nothing less than an equally stunning interior – and once you climb inside, you’ll instantly see that it doesn’t disappoint.

Nissan Maxima Driver Cockpit

Driver-Centric Cockpit

Rotating the center console 7° towards the driver gives you an easy reach to key controls. The ergonomically shaped shift lever, Display Commander dial, and Sport Mode button are readily at hand.

Nissan Maxima Display Commander

Display Commander

Designed for intuitive control of the 8” touch-screen, Display Commander lets you control the infotainment system without the need to look down or touch the display.

Rakuda Tan Semi-analine leather
Cashmere Premium Ascot leather
Charcoal Ascot Premium leather
Charcoal leather with Alcantara® inserts
Cashmere leather
Charcoal leather
Charcoal cloth

Interior colors and fabrics

Rakuda Tan Semi-analine leather - Platinum Reserve [[26]]

Maxima Exterior Design

Pulse-raising from every angle

Low, sculpted, and streamlined, its aerodynamic profile can only be described as stunning. Maxima’s seductive shape is not just about cheating the wind, it’s about a love of form.

Maxima Platinum Reserve

The ultimate luxury

With exclusive interior and exterior touches that will delight those inside and thrill passersby, this is the most luxurious Maxima ever made.


Nissan Maxima Platinum Reserve Interior
Nissan Maxima Digital Brochure

Get even more information

Available on desktop, smartphone or tablet, the digital brochure provides the full product story – including demos, videos, and complete info on trims, colors, and accessories. Or you can download a quick guide for trims, specs, and colors.


Maxima video gallery

See the Maxima in action

Want to learn more about Maxima safety features, technologies and accessories? These videos will take you through all the specs and features of the 2020 Maxima.