• Full Vehicle Range

    Small, large, and in-between, build your fleet with any vehicles from the Nissan Vehicle lineup to find features and capabilities suited to your work.
  • Unique Incentives

    Offers based on volume and unique custom solutions team up to give you a custom answer to your fleet question.
  • Priority Service

    Next available bay and technician aren't the end of it—get extended roadside assistance [[98]] to help keep your fleet at work and on the road.

What is a Fleet?

A Fleet is a group of vehicles operated by a single business. At Nissan, we elevate this definition by expanding it to a variety of business, from small to large, that work in a variety of disciplines.

A Nissan Fleet can start with 2 vehicles, and expand indefinitely. Incentives are  volume based, meaning that the more vehicles you need, the more incentives will work for you.

Small Fleet

10  or less

Small Fleet

10  or less

Small Fleet

10  or less

Starting at 2 vehicles and including the entire Nissan lineup, work with a Dealer to help you determine which available incentives and upfits can best suit your business needs.

  • Roadside Assistance
  • Ship-thru requests
  • Unique sales incentives

Large Fleet

11  or more

Large Fleet

11  or more

Large Fleet

11  or more

Looking for 11 vehicles or more? Find your fleet with a Regional Fleet Sales representative and take advantage of more volume based incentives. 

  • Small fleet benefits, plus:
  • Volume-based incentives
  • Regional Fleet Sales Representative, specializing in your needs
Nissan fleet sales program

Nissan Business Advantage

Fleet program

With benefits like roadside assistance [[98]], first-bay service, ship-thru delivery, and volume based incentives, the Nissan Fleet Program works harder for your business from the start.

Explore vehicles for work

You know your work and we know our vehicles. See how a Nissan vehicle will fit with your job right off the line or with a custom upfit solution.

Nissan Business Advantage

Fleet Program & Enrollment

The Nissan Fleet Program includes the entire lineup of new and unused Nissan vehicles with unique service and financial benefits. By enrolling with an eligible business and working with a Dealer or Fleet Sales representative, see how the Nissan Business Advantage can work for you.

Nissan fleet sales manager

You have questions, we have answers

How do I become eligible?

We require a federal tax ID, and having a minimum of two registrations in your fleet. (Industry leader)

Is there a volume requirement?

Minimum requirement is purchasing two units of the same model year, unless you’re on the approved Franchisee List, or a government entity.  The purchase does not have to occur at the same time.

What models are available in this program?

All Nissan vehicles in our lineup are eligible for the Nissan Business Advantage Program.

Get your business ahead

Fleet Program Benefits

We understand our part in making your business run more efficiently. That's why we've partnered with commercial certified parts and service dealers to ensure we're there for you when you need us.

Nissan fleet servicing

Fleet Offers & Financing

Your company image is supported by the vehicles you choose. Commercial Vehicle Lending through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) can play a significant role in building your business brand.
Catering van upfits

Upfit & accessories

Customize your fleet with unique upfit solutions and accessories to help your vehicle work better and smarter for you.

Female Nissan customer

Fleet program help & resources

Although a Dealer or Fleet Sales Manager can help you from any point in your journey, check out more help and resources including frequently asked questions and commonly needed forms.

Ready to expand your fleet?

Locate your fleet sales manager

For fleet sales 11 vehicles and over, contact the Fleet Sales Manager for your region. They can help you start the process from wherever you're at, from vehicle selection, to financing and incentives, to upfitting and customization.

Locate a Nissan dealer

Locate a dealer

For fleet sales 10 vehicles and under, contact a Dealer to learn more about how Nissan Business & Fleet can work for your business regardless of the size.