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Ready to get your fleet started? With just 2 simple steps, you can check if you are eligible for unique benefits and incentives, review our fleet certification details, and obtain a fleet certification code to get your fleet started.



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You are eligible for the Fleet Program if you:

  • Register the Nissan North America (NNA) vehicles under your company name.
  • Keep the Nissan North America (NNA) vehicles in company service for the minimum term (see current fleet program for minimum term).



You are not eligible for the Fleet Program if you are a(n):

  • Individual
  • Nissan/INFINITI Dealer-owned independent leasing or rental company that is NOT a separate entity [[3204]]
  • Leasing company or bank with a wholesale Dealer lease purchase operation which purchase Nissan vehicles leased by a dealership
  • Leasing company whose primary business is brokering to individual customers
  • Company whose primary business is export
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