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Every business has unique needs, and we're here to help you customize your fleet to match. Whether it's custom graphics to proudly promote your brand or upfits and accessories to make your life easier - we've got you covered. As always, our Commercial Sales Managers or Dealers are here to help. 

Nissan Business Fleet Upfits

What is an upfit?

An upfit is a set of vehicle accessories or augmentations for an existing vehicle that are customized to the worker's needs.

Upfits can include shelving, roof units, cooling units, hangars, and more. Upfitted vehicles are designed with efficiency and ease in mind, and can allow workers to bring that extra edge on the road and to the job site. [[1217]]

How to upfit a commercial or fleet vehicle:

Engaging with a Commercial Sales Manager or Dealer can help you from start to finish. From identifying what vehicles, accessories, upfits and benefits will suit your needs, we've got you covered. 

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More Customization Benefits

If you have at least 15 vehicles in your fleet, you could benefit from Nissan's Ship-Thru program. Before delivery, Nissan can ship ordered fleet vehicles to upfitters in the US and Mexico (a $150 Nissan Ship-Thru Fee applies). This is a great option to consider if you have a large fleet or fleet vehicles spread out in different locations.

Solutions for trucks

Incentives for Truck Upfits

Check out Nissan's upfit incentives for trucks to match your business needs. [[1217]]

Up to $500 Truck Upfit Allowance

The fleet perks just keep getting better. If a Nissan Frontier and/or Nissan TITAN is part of your large fleet, customers under the Commercial Upfit Allowance Program are eligible for a Truck Upfit Allowance. Qualifying customers will receive support from the Commercial Upfit Incentive Program where they can choose from cargo management equipment on trucks. The $500 truck upfit allowance also allows customers to add Nissan Extended Services North America (NESNA) maintenance plans for eligible vehicles.

Nissan Business Fleet Accessories Parts

Shop for Parts

Maintain your Nissan work vehicles with Genuine Nissan Parts from Nissan Parts & Accessories Online.                                                                                         


See Other Benefits

Nissan Business Fleet lineup featuring Kicks, LEAF, and Frontier



You have a business need, we have a vehicle to match it. Explore our vehicle lineup and choose from a variety of options to find the perfect match.

Nissan Business Fleet Servicing



Keeping your fleet in tip-top shape is a must. We know how much you rely on your vehicles, that's why Nissan fleets get to skip the line with Priority Service, and Roadside Assistance is available to keep your business running. [[98]]

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Offers & Financing


We understand how important it is to run your business efficiently. That's why we provide an upfit allowance as well as cargo management solutions to help ensure your fleet is catered to your needs. 

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