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Nissan EV Fleet


Benefits for your EV Fleet

With no need for oil changes, going electric means less maintenance. 

Nissan EV interior view of engine car parts

Financial Benefits

Long-term benefits

No fuel, no problem. Charge ahead and avoid time-consuming and expensive trips to the gas station.


Modify your EV to your business needs

With upfitting options like cargo solutions, towing options, and more, it's easy to customize your fleet to match your business needs. 

Savings, rebates and incentives

Save with your EV fleet

In some states, going electric comes with potential incentives and rebates for eligible EVs. [[106]] Explore and personalize your incentives to see how much you can save.

Plug in and get started

EV Charging

Going from gas to battery is easy, and with infrastructure on the rise, Nissan offers tools for added efficiency to help you create your route plan. 

Charging Infrastructure

A robust charging setup is vital for your business. When creating your charging plan, it's important to factor in: costs, equipment, and tools for route planning.

Nissan electric vehicles include integrated routing software, helping to ensure smooth business operations-your priority and ours.

Nissan Electric Vehicles

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Nissan ARIYA cargo space

Why Nissan EV?

Nissan EVs don't just drive, they spark your imagination. Take your business to the next level.