If you are planning on keeping your vehicle or fleet for longer than 4 years, then Nissan financing is a good option for you. Because you own the vehicle, you can keep more control over how you use it.

Compare Financing Options

No matter your needs, see which leasing options works best for you.

  Financing Signature Lease Trac Lease
Definition Financing might require a down payment, as well as monthly payments to pay the balance over the loan term. The Signature Lease is a close-ended, walk-away lease. The Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) Lease is an open-ended lease with the option to buy at lease term end.
Monthly Payment The monthly interest payment may be tax deductible as a business expense. [[673]] The monthly payment, which pays only a portion of a vehicle’s cost over the lease term, is deductible as an operating expense. [[673]] The monthly payment may potentially be deducted as an operating expense. [[673]]
Depreciation Depreciation may be deductible for tax purposes. [[673]] The vehicle price and residual [[677]] value at end of lease term determines the monthly payment amount. The vehicle price and residual value at end of lease term determines the monthly payment amount.
Payoff You own the vehicle outright and can continue to use it or sell it. You can return the vehicle for disposition. [[678]] • Trade in the vehicle
• Return the vehicle for disposition
• Finance the residual amount to purchase the vehicle [[673]]
Mileage You can drive as many miles as you want. • You can drive up to 15,000 miles per year or 1,250 miles per month.
• You are responsible for excessive mileage.
You can drive as many miles as you want.
Wear & Use • No charges for vehicle wear and use, because you own it.
• Excessive wear will lower the vehicle's trade-in or resale value. [[674]]
• A normal amount of wear and use is covered.
• You are responsible for excessive wear.
• Excessive wear will lower the vehicle's trade-in or resale value. [[674]]
• No charges for vehicle wear and use.
• TRAC Leases have no wear-and-tear clauses.
• Excessive wear will lower the vehicle's trade-in or resale value. [[674]]
Other Benefits • Customize with accessories and special equipment.
• Use it in a way that would disqualify the vehicle for a lease.
• Help avoid repair costs with a vehicle that is always under a limited warranty.
• Potentially pay lower total cost of ownership.
• Get flexible terms to match requirements of fleet management policies.
• Take advantage of multiple terms and residuals per term.
• Customize your monthly payments to fit your budget needs.
• Include taxes, upfits [[679]], and the cost of accessory installation in the capitalized cost of the lease.
• Manage capital expenditures with multiple end-of-lease options.

Line of Credit

Nissan Motor Acceptance Company (NMAC) provides a line of credit (LOC) that is not only customized for your business needs, but also helps streamline your lease or purchase process.

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Financing Made Easy

As a first step in each commercial vehicle acquisition discussion, the line of credit makes financing easy and flexible:

  • Our team of specialists possess the industry knowledge and motivation to make financing your fleet straightforward and trouble-free.
  • From the moment financing is requested, we consider your unique business and suggest a financing plan that will maximize the total fleet investment.
  • With approved credit, our Signature-branded leasing programs allow you to choose the transaction that's best for your vehicle's location and condition.

How to Apply

In a couple of easy steps, your business can apply for Nissan financing which also features:

  • Pre-approved annual credit limits
  • Competitive market rates
  • Negotiable down payment amounts and officer/owner guarantees
  • No administrative or retention fees to open or maintain it under the NMAC LOC program
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Financial flexibility

Payment Method

Pick the payment method that suits your business best.

Nissan Motor Acceptance Company

With NMAC, business owners enjoy unparalleled access to funding alternatives. Our specialists recognize that a "one size fits all" policy for all customers does not work, which is why our programs include some of the most competitive and flexible financing and repayment terms available in the commercial segment today. Unlike banks that enter and exit markets often, we're here to stay. NMAC, including its Infiniti Financial Services (IFS) division, is the automotive financial services arm of Nissan North America.

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Contact Information

NMAC's primary emphasis is to purchase from its Nissan dealers retail and lease contracts for their customers. NMAC also provides wholesale inventory and capital and mortgage loan financing to Nissan dealers. The company offers financing for the complete line of Nissan vehicles sold in the United States.


P.O. Box 660360
Dallas, TX 75266


7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Central Time
Monday through Friday

For retail loan customers: (800) 456-6622
For lease customers: (800) 777-7018

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For fleet sales 11 vehicles and over, contact the fleet sales manager for your region. They can help you start the process from wherever you're at, from vehicle selection, to financing and incentives, to upfitting and customization.

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For fleet sales 10 vehicles and under, contact a Dealer to learn more about how Nissan Business & Fleet can work for your business regardless of the size.