Play your music, keep tabs on your social network, and learn to navigate any city like a local[*] with the advanced features and apps of NissanConnect®.

NissanConnect console featuring traffic information, weather, settings, google send-to-car, POI's powered by google and voice commands NissanConnect console featuring traffic information, weather, settings, google send-to-car, POI's powered by google and voice commands

Security & Convenience



With a NissanConnect® Services Premium package, response specialists are there for you in emergency situations. At the touch of a button—or automatically if your air bags deploy—talk to a live agent who can request response services, Connect you to roadside assistance, or help the police locate your vehicle in the unfortunate event that it is stolen. [*]


Sharing your vehicle with someone who likes to push boundaries? (Our kids come to mind.) Activate the Curfew, Speed, and Boundary Alerts and get notifications from your Nissan if the limits you’ve set are exceeded. Turn on the Maintenance Alert, and you’ll also be informed if a malfunction indicator light is triggered in your vehicle.


NissanConnect® Services remote access helps to provide security and make every day just that much easier. Forgot to lock your vehicle? Just use your NissanConnect Services Skill with Amazon Alexa, NissanConnect Services Action for your Google Assistant or log in to your NissanConnect Services companion app. You can lock or unlock your Nissan and warm it up or cool it down by starting it from a distance without having to take out your keys. [*]

Only on vehicles equipped with NissanConnect® Services. Feature availability varies by model, trim level, packages, and/or options. See Package Specs for details.

Entertainment & Information

Music, Movies and all the latest buzz...

Music apps

Put your music on shuffle and never feel disappointed. With apps like Pandora® and iHeart Radio for Auto you can rate songs, skip tracks, create stations based on artists you love, or discover new favorites in every imaginable genre or mood. [*]

More ways to listen

Stream your music wirelessly with Bluetooth®, fill your iPod® with your favorite playlists and audiobooks, or get over 150 channels of music, comedy, sports, news, family programming and more with SiriusXM® Satellite Radio. [*]

SiriusXM® Travel Link® Services

In a navigation-equipped Nissan, get more of what you love with SiriusXM® Travel Link®: local movie listings for film aficionados, scores for the sports fans, stock market data for the investors, and current and forecasted weather for the outdoorsy types. [*]

Nissan Murano equipped with NissanConnect Nissan Murano equipped with NissanConnect


Own the road

Nissan Door to Door Navigation

Nissan Door to Door Navigation helps keep you on the go with seamless turn-by-turn directions. The companion app includes walking directions to and from your Nissan to ensure that you'll know where you're headed. [*]

Built-in maps

Stay focused on what’s ahead and let your Nissan’s available built-in GPS system—covering nearly 6 million miles of roads and over 2.5 million points of Interest nationwide—guide you to your destination with visual maps and turn-by-turn voice directions.[*]

Enhanced Traffic Information

With SiriusXM® Traffic services you can take the road less traveled. Traffic updates, with alternate route suggestions, will help you avoid delays due to roadwork, accidents or pesky congested highways. Low on fuel? SiriusXM® Fuel Prices will help you find the closest—and cheapest—gas stations.[*]

NissanConnect interior console features NissanConnect interior console features


Keep your friends close

Hands-free Communication

Through Nissan’s voice recognition technology, Bluetooth® can help keep you in touch while you stay focused on the road. By accessing your smartphone contacts, the system lets you make and answer calls and send pre-loaded text messages—hands-free—through the audio system. [*]


Launch Facebook® or Twitter® and suddenly your Nissan has room for all your closest friends. Find out what everyone's up to by having your vehicle read your Twitter feed out loud, and use Facebook to check in with your network when you get to your destination. [*]


Not only does NissanConnect® make it easy for you to communicate with the outside world, it also lets the outside world communicate with you. With In-Vehicle Messaging—available with a NissanConnect® Services Select package—Dealer service announcements, upcoming appointments, and warranty alerts are delivered straight to your vehicle. [*]